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A 2.5D War On the Edge of Ruin

27 songs All-in-one soundtrack with Chip tune arrange tracks as a bonus + (use-to-be) PS4 exclusive tracks!!

DRM-Free and Steam Key

All users that purchase this title on Playism will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key!

Astebreed Complete Soundtrack

27 songs All-in-one soundtrack with Chip tune arrange tracks as a bonus + (use-to-be) PS4 exclusive tracks!!
.mp3 and .flac available.


  1. Tear the Filunes
  2. Return of the fragments
  3. Ready to move
  4. For proof
  5. Xbreed Stand by
  6. Headwinds
  7. Energy diffuse
  8. Prism reflection
  9. Imitation fleet
  10. Est
  11. Destruction of the core
  12. The same origin
  13. Erosion
  14. Not alone
  15. Astebreed ~ The Void
  16. Forward to the Filune
  17. Armageddon
  18. Consequence
  19. Familia
  20. Life goes on
  21. We can get back up again
  22. Shade of stardust
  23. Beyond the canyon
  24. Headwinds (Chiptune)
  25. Est (Chiptune)
  26. Astebreed ~ The Void (Chiptune)
  27. Armageddon (Chiptune)

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • ProcessorCore 2 Duo or faster
    • RESOLUTION640x360 - 1920x1080
    • GraphicsShader Model 3.0 compatible, GeForce 8600GT (2007 model) or better
    • SOUNDXAudio2 compatible sound card, 2ch - 5.1ch output compatible
    • INPUTGamepad with 4 or more buttons, keyboard compatible



Doujin developer Edelweiss has been active since 2005. Their focus is on making games that are fun to play. Between their day jobs and Edelweiss, they live, breathe, eat and sleep games development. Edelweiss broke into the western gaming scene with their multi-perspective 2.75D arcade shooting game ETHER VAPOR Remaster, which launched on Steam in Sept 2012.