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What will Yonda discover beyond the many doors locked by silver keys?

Biblinthus is a rather curious experience in which you will lay out a dungeon by hand as you proceed through it.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

Your immediate aim is to help the Celestial Librarian of Wisdom, Yonda, expand her traversable Domain. This is done by rotating and dropping in the flooring visible at the top of the screen into the level for her to cross.If you drop flooring into the level onto a spot that is off-screen, the screen will momentarily adjust its focal pointaway from Yonda (don’t blink! It happens really quickly!) and onto the freshly placed flooring. If Yonda is pushed off-screen when this happens it's Game Over! 

For more detailed instruction, please see the web-manual.
Open the "manual.htm" you can find next to the executable.

  • Story

Long ago, this universe was governed by the dice rolls of the Great Ones. 
These dice rolls sent tremors through the universe, which incubated it through developments over the course of time.
The Great Ones persevered with their dice rolls unerringly, like mice  enchanted by their wheels.

But one day, having grown bored of their celestial game of chance, the Great Ones stopped rolling their dice.

The (not so) Great Ones: Booooooooriiiiing...

And so, the universe was doomed to stagnate...

...Which is simply disgraceful when you think about it. So, the Celestial Librarian of Wisdom, Yonda, who was normally found huddled away in the depths of Biblinthus, set out to give those deities a telling off they wouldn’t soon forget!

  • How to Play

Purple yam soft cream is actually pretty dangerous, so I strongly recommend not to touch it unless you are almost losing the game or something.

There are many flooring pieces with a wall of bookshelves facing towards you so that you cannot use it to connect the path.
But if a trapezohedron (pink or blue prismatic shaped object) is floating before you, it will smash the bookshelf and be able to materialize an item at the same time.
So use your surroundings wisely! 

How to create a hole in the wall of bookshelves

You can only use the most recent tool you acquired. So don't just pick up everything, but make sure to use it often.

Caduceus or Lucky No.18, which enables Yonda to warp or smash the wall will be extremely useful (or even necessary) in the stage where the floor collapses as you proceed.
Or, you can just use Amber Nectar to fill up the Silver Key gauge and open the door at once.
If you don't have any good tools... well, let's hope.

When you get hit by enemies, not only you lose a turn but you Silver Key gauge gets longer each time. So avoid them as much as possible, or... destroy them all!

What awaits Yonda in the far end of oblivion..?
Can she beat the hell out of the Great Ones?

Biblinthus is a unique indie game born from the concept of "manual dungeon creation".
The player lays down platforms which will form the route of the dungeon.
This allows them to navigate their way to the next area, while creating their own puzzle to solve.

PlatineDispositifDeveloper's Voice

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows 7sp1/8.1/10
    • ProcessorIntel compatibility, CPU 1GHz or more
    • GraphicsDirectX9 or better
    • MonitorResolution of 640x480 or above
    • SoundEnvironment that can support DirectSound
    • Notes6 button gamepad recommended



A doujin circle active since the end of the 20th century (^o^). Main games: "Dicing Knight" "Gundemonium Collection" "Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils"