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You gotta take matter and make it matter.

When indie game developers are in trouble, their only hope comes from their creation. Drill blocks of matter and recycle them to save the day!

DRM-Free and Steam Key

All users that purchase this title on Playism will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key!

When indie game developers Alexey and Markus are in trouble, their only hope comes from their creation. You are the Tetrobot: a tiny robot that can drill blocks of matter one by one, collect them, and recycle them into new pieces of 4 blocks. You also have the possibility to destroy lines of 8+ blocks in a very «retro russian» game style.

Sand, wood, stone, obsidian, iron, diamond: each matter has its specific behaviour you'll have to use wisely and take advantage of them. So get ready to use your brain and combine your platforming and puzzle-solving skills in this incredible mashup!

  • Key Features

  • A unique gameplay experience mixing puzzle and platform that will challenge your brain.
  • 40 levels to play in Adventure Mode, 20 bonus levels to unlock and more free content to come.
  • Collect every 40 "Blocks That Matter" and rediscover videogames made of blocks that made or will make history.
  • Create and share your own puzzles using an easy-to-use level editor.
  • General Hints

The science of blocks. It can be tricky sometimes. But if you keep your brain sharp and follow our advices, you’ll find all Blocks That Matter in no time. Here are 3 hints to become a real Blocks That Matter expert:

  1. Take advantage of the matters
    All blocks of matter have different behaviours. Some blocks fall, some don’t. When you place blocks, think of what will happen when you’ll exit Puzzle mode. How can you place blocks in the most efficient way and create chain reactions?

  2. Keep as many blocks as possible
    Blocks are your best friends, and you should keep them close to you. You have to place 4 blocks at a time in Puzzle mode, but it doesn’t mean you can’t collect them again. If a block you placed is useless, just collect it back in case you'll need it later.

  3. Explore, think and learn
    When playing a big level, feel free to explore it using the free camera mode. It will help you figure out which obstacles you’ll encounter and plan ahead. If you are stuck, you can reset the level and apply what you have learned.

Blocks that Matter is the very first commercial indie game ever released by Swing Swing Submarine, our tiny game development studio based in southern France. We created it in 6 months, with a core team of 4 people: a programer, a level designer, a composer and a character designer.

Despite its cartoon graphics, Blocks That Matter is not an easy game, and you’ll have to use your brain a lot to solve puzzles, and sometimes your reflexes to run and jump quickly. But you can do it! Other players already did, so you can do it too!

As a reviewer wrote about it, Blocks That Matter is "a block game in love with block games". In fact, the entire game is about recycling blocks to then use them to move forward. That’s also why you’ll see references to other games in Blocks That Matter. We love those indie games, both the famous and the not-so-famous ones, and we took this occasion to let the world know how diverse and rich videogames, especially games made out of blocks, can be.

We really hope you’ll enjoy playing Blocks That Matter!

Swing Swing SubmarineDeveloper's Voice

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindowsXP
    • ProcessorPentium4
    • Memory1 GB RAM
    • GraphicsOpenGL compatible 128Mo VRAM
    • DirectXDirectX 9.0c
    • Storage250 MB HD space
    • SoundIntegrated chipset OpenAL compatible
  • Mac OS

    • Operating SystemLeopard
    • ProcessorCore2
    • Memory1 GB RAM
    • GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
    • Storage250 MB HD space
    • SoundIntegrated chipset OpenAL compatible



Swing Swing Submarine is an independent game development company created by two young and silly French guys in 2009. Today, it’s a small team of people, united by passion, that brings unique games and interactive works to players all around the world.