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The world really does revolve around you!

The world really does revolve around you in this indie paradigm shattering shooter.

DRM-Free and Steam Key

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REVOLVER360 RE:Actor's demo version is only available in Japanese.

In this long awaited indie shooter from action masters Cross Eaglet, enemies are not just right in front of you. They're all around you! Using a unique perspective rotation mechanic, players can bring enemies and items into view, putting the odds in their favor in an otherwise impossible situation.

  • features


In Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR, you don't only have your bullets to save you. You're also armed with a powerful laser that pierces through weaker enemies, and a screen-clearing EMP. It's the exact kind of weaponry you're going to need if you hope to survive this harsh and hostile environment.

Use your weapons in concert with each other to toy with your enemies and reap higher score rewards. Killing your foes quickly is not always the best course of action.


Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR comes with a full suite of challenging mini-missions that will not only teach you advanced techniques to improve your scoring and survivability, but also challenge the most hardcore of shmup players with insane scenarios. Not quite sure how to complete a challenge? Challenge mode also has a dynamic hint system to help you learn how to properly surmount a challenge.


Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR also comes with the in-game achievements and online leaderboards you've come to expect from games, along with the ability to watch playthroughs for all leaderboard entries. Watch the best players play through the hardest levels and build your strategy from there.

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindowsXP/Vista/7/8
    • ProcessorCore2Duo 2.33GHz or faster
    • RAM1.5GB or more
    • GraphicsShader Model 3.0 or later (GeForce 8600 GT/Radeon HD 3650 or better) Intel HD graphics 3000 or better
    • Video Memory256MB or more
    • Resolution1024×768 - 2560x1440
    • InputController with 6 or more buttons recommended. Keyboard supported
    • OtherXNA Framework 4.0 Install required(Included)



Specializing in shooting and action games, Cross Eaglet is a small Japanese doujin outfit famous for their frenetic action and unique mechanics. All musical composition is done by ZARIGANI.REC.