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Adrenaline at 3200×800!

Over-the-top shooting on a universal scale!

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Adrenaline at 3200×800! Over-the-top shooting on a universal scale!

Super Chain Crusher Horizon is a Shooting Game that can be summed up with the following phrases:
“The Biggest Game in the History of the World,”
“The Longest Gauge Ever” and just plain “Incredible.”

There is a game mode for people who want to sit down and blow stuff up for hours on end, but there is also a game mode where you can get your kicks in short bursts of 3 to 5 minutes.

The never-before-seen 2 player simultaneous gameplay allows players of completely different skill levels to enjoy the game together.


Why stare at a tiny little screen when you can be overwhelmed by a humongous window of 3200 x 800 pixels!?
*Warning: other Windows games are going to look tiny and insignificant by comparison.


The longest gauge in the history of gaming! Did we mention huge explosions?
Well, we have those too!
The bottom of the screen sports the most ridiculously long charge gauge you’ve ever seen!
Of course, once this gauge is completely filled, it creates the most extravagantly gigantic explosions anyone has ever laid eyes upon!


Create incredibly long chain explosions!
The widest game screen ever is not just for visual impact, it’s for MORE EXPLOSIONS!Enemies don’t shoot back!
Yes, you read that right. Enemies don’t shoot back.
But we’ve made sure the game provides edge-of-your-seat entertainment anyway.
Even if you reach the latter half of the game, the screen won’t be filled with all kinds of junk like in more recent shooters, meaning the game doesn’t demand high physical abilities from the player, but can be enjoyed by anyone.
If you select the regular ship type, only one of your bullets can exist on screen at any time, and if you play on a dual monitor, only HALF a bullet can exist on either screen at any time, so this might very well be the Shooting Game with the lowest number of bullets on screen ever.

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They performed live concerts on all 5 continents in 2012, and each concert was attended by over 10,000 people.
Logic Bomb, who can be called the King of Trance, composed all songs on the soundtrack!
With a total length of around 60 minutes, this Shooting Game has the most awesome soundtrack ever to grace your ossicles!
Logic Bomb’s latest album is being sold for $22.21 on, so this game offers a great deal!


You can use the Online Rankings by logging into Gamer Universe, the game ranking system developed by Mindware.
We also plan to support Friend Registration between users in the future.


The graphics in this game can be replaced with graphics provided by the user.
(Please download the modding materials from the following link:
An infinite universe lies in the palm of your hands!

Throw all common sense out the window, and just blow stuff up!
There was a time when side-scrolling shooters reigned supreme, but for a while now, various people have been pointing out that the genre is declining.
The producer of this game, as someone who has over 25 years of professional game production experience, and as the author of “Modern Shooting Studies” in the Shooting Game magazine “Shooting Gameside,” has tried to tackle the theme of returning to the Shooting Game roots.

Q: Why do Shooting Games exist in this world?
A: So that they can fulfill the player’s desire to attack.

The theme of this game:
This is a game that offers excitement to everyone in the pursuit of simple pleasures such as explosions and destruction.

Many games require endurance from the player at the start of the game, but this game lets you create gigantic explosions in the first 15 seconds, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste of mass destruction right from the get-go!
Also, in recent years, there have been many Shooting Games that aren’t a lot of fun to play with 2 players simultaneously when one of the players is considerably more proficient than the other.

But by having the 2 players control completely different ships, this game offers a new type of gameplay that is more fun to play for 2 players of any skill level, than for 1 player alone.

Since this is the producer’s first Shooting Game since Slap Fight MD 19 years ago, he has tried to throw in as much stuff as he could think of, such as:

  • A super wide window of 3200x800
  • A charge shot that is so extreme it pretty much breaks the game balance
  • A soundtrack of over 60 minutes by Logic Bomb 
  • Ships without a charge shot, that unleash an unlimited rain of bullets instead
  • A 2P mode where both players control completely different ships
  • Special Missions that can be finished in as little as 1 minute
  • Throw all common sense out the window, and just blow stuff up!

MINDWAREDeveloper's Voice


When this game is played in a resolution below 3200 pixels, the window size will be reduced and all game information will be displayed in the operating environment.When playing on a single monitor, we recommend that you try the demo version first, and see how it runs before purchasing the game.

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP or later
    • ProcessorDual-core processor (Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • Memory512 MB RAM
    • GraphicsDirectX 9.0c compatible graphic card
    • DirectXVersion 9.0c
    • NetworkBroadband Internet connection
    • Storage500 MB available space
    • Sound CardDirectX 9.0c compatible sound card



Mindware started out as M.N.M Software in 1987, as a company that constantly put out new and original ideas, based on slogans such as “Gameplay over graphics!” and “Qualitative change over quantitative change!” In 1995, the company name was changed to Mindware, and we are still trying to come up with new ideas to bring out qualitative change.