Spooky Squid Games

Located in the snowy wastes of Toronto, Canada, Spooky Squid Games was founded in late 2008 by pixel artist and game designer Miguel Sternberg. He was joined soon after by Andrij Pilkiw who rounded out the team with his programming prowess and ability to curse in Ukrainian. Since forming they have released several free games including Night of the Cephalopods, praised by critics for its ground breaking interactive narrative technique and listed as one of indiegames.com’s Best Freeware Arcade Games of 2008. Their first commercial game They Bleed Pixels, a 'lo-fi gothic' platforming beat'em up, was originally released in August 2012. Artist Alina Sechkin joined the team in 2015 to lend her pixeling talents to Spooky Squid's yet to be announced upcoming game.