Release Date
March 4th, 2021
1 player
Adventure, Role-Playing, Indie
Petit Depotto
Supported Languages

Let’s walk and talk.
Can you get up?

The Gnosia lie. Pretending to be human, they’ll get in close, trick and deceive, and then eradicate each person in the vicinity from the universe, one victim at a time.

The crew of a drifting spaceship, facing off against a mysterious and deadly threat known as the “Gnosia” and having no idea who among them is really the enemy, formulate a desperate plan for survival. The most suspicious among them will be put into “cold sleep” one by one, in an effort to completely rid the ship of Gnosia.

However, it is almost impossible to tell whether each person put into cold sleep was really Gnosia – or simply a poor, unfortunate scapegoat, sacrificed by the Gnosia for their own survival. Can the humans emerge victorious? Or is mankind doomed...?


Gnosia is a "sci-fi social deduction RPG".

The story takes place on a spaceship. Among the crew are several mysterious life forms known as “Gnosia”. Bent on the complete eradication of humankind, the Gnosia quietly eliminate one crew member each night.

The player can select whether to play the game as human – where they must find all of the Gnosia and put them into a state of suspended animation (“Cold Sleep”) to win, or Gnosia – where your goal is to attack and eliminate each crew member until the Gnosia outnumber the remaining humans. Progress through the story by playing through 10- to 15-minute rounds (“Loops”) in this “Werewolf-style” indie game that has already garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback in Japan.

In addition to the story and gameplay, the characters and their interpersonal relationships are also an integral part of what makes this game unique and special. Themes of friendship, love, trust, life and death, and personal identity are carefully explored, and Gnosia features a diverse and inclusive cast of characters, ignoring genre stereotypes.



A non-binary-identifying soldier in the galactic military who leads the efforts to eradicate the Gnosia invaders onboard the ship. Kindly helps the main character, who starts out confused, with no idea what’s going on.


A somewhat stubborn and strange girl, she tends to lighten the atmosphere with her carefree attitude. Her behavior makes it extremely difficult to figure out just what is genuine and what is false.


A non-binary-identifying crew member with a sharp tongue and a penchant for flair. This highly logical thinker often manages to expose the Gnosia the moment enough data has been gathered.


Her indifferent-seeming demeanor gives an impression of coldness, but she’s actually a very warm-hearted woman. Constantly searching internally for answers as to what exactly she needs to do, and the meaning of her very existence.


A kind young woman who treats everyone gently and politely. Apparently entrusted with administration and management of the ship, she strives to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible.


A strange middle-aged man who wears outdated clothing from a bygone era. Often spouting aphorisms of varying levels of coherence, his usually nonsensical comments and behavior tend to vex the rest of the crew.


A somewhat wild girl hailing from a planet that advocates “return to nature”. Straightforward and energetic, her almost animalistic instincts make her extremely proficient at spotting lies.


A young man who loves – and is pretty much constantly thinking about – cats. Apart from the weird cat thing, he is a good young man whose sense of decency and fair judgment are second to none.


A shy and introverted young man. Apparently has trouble looking people in the eye when speaking. It seems as though some certain event from his past has caused him to develop this reclusive and easily-frightened personality...


A beautiful blonde young girl. She never speaks, but employs expressive and rich gestures and body language to communicate flawlessly. As for where she is originally from, etc., nothing about her is known.


A mysterious woman with a strange, indescribable power. Possessing extremely high skill and ability levels, she can be quite a dangerous enemy to have.


An intellectualized beluga whale with the ability to speak human language. Wearing a water-filled bodysuit, she utilizes a motorized cart to get around. An extremely kindhearted young girl, she loves humans.


A young man whose sole priority is ensuring his own survival. Hates standing out. Faithful only to his own selfish desires, he is generally disliked and avoided by the female members of the crew.


A... person... with a bright, silver body. Due to his friendly and sincere personality, people usually tend to listen to him. Apparently he has found his first love aboard the spaceship.