PLAYISM is a PC gaming platform used to distribute original and creative works from all over the world to Japan.

PLAYISM, part of Active Gaming Media Inc., focuses on the localization and distribution of video games. PLAYISM provides you – the developer - with the opportunity to transcend borders and release your own original works to Japan, as well as enhance your presence in the worldwide gaming market. Our website is currently the only digital platform in the world to provide such services to independent developers.

Indie Games From
Around The World

Playism specializes in localizing and publishing indie games from all over the world, bringing the best indie games that Japan, America and the rest of the world have to offer.


Playism prides itself on DRM-free game purchases, so you can play what you purchase wherever you are, whether you're connected to the internet or in the middle of nowhere.

Unlimited Downloads

When you buy a game from Playism, you only pay once. Download any game from your Playism library as many times as you want, because you should always have access to your games.