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Faster than anyone. Stronger than anyone. And more stunning.

Rule the track with your fully customizable mecha as you race and fight against other mechas for number 1!

In a futuristic world, find the art in destruction as you go up against others in a world of racing and combat. 
Fully customize your mecha to match your preferences. Then set out to the track to race and combat against other mechas. 

Special combat arena levels are also available where you can test your skills and speed with your customizable mecha against others. 

This stunning Japanese Indie game lets you explore a large range of missions with your mecha as you race and combat to retrieve parts which you can use to upgrade your mecha!

Customize however you like. Create your perfect frame

This is the birth of next-gen racing battles.
To hone your skills or increase strength. Choose to fight gracefully or go for victory. Create your dream machine!


Go beyond borders and devices. Challenge players worldwide!
From Japan to the world, on iPhone or Android It’s possible to challenge players around the world, or play with just your friends



PLAYERS 1~4 Player
GENRE Online Battle Racing
SYSTEM Android/iOS
RELEASE DATE 04/Jun/2015

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A one-man studio based in Japan. A passionate 3D game designer, currently working on the racing game Break Arts II, the sequel to the smartphone game, Break Arts.