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Bend the music to your will in this non-linear music performance game.

Bend the music to your will in this non-linear music performance game.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

In BREAKS LP, players attempt to create an original remix performance through gameplay.

Each stage will have you keep the rhythm while controlling the ball, in order to bend the music to your will in a non-linear music performance.

Clear stages through mouse and Leap Motion controls to be able to export your fresh remixes.

BREAKS LP offers you a number of musical stages through which to record your performances, with musical selections ranging from Nobuyoshi Sano’s album Gradation to Electric Prayer, Jz, Learning Tower, and Hand Your Hand.The title is a result of the BREAKS Project, announced at the Sense of Wonder Night 2012.

  • Audio File Usage Guidelines

Use/distribution of free music files can be performed freely by inputting the copyright information of a song such as title, filename, and tags. (Ex: original music by sanodg)

Please make an inquiry if you wish to use/distribute paid content, or for rights to use software during a paid event.

For all other usage problems, we kindly ask that you make an inquiry as to the specific issue.
Primary Inquiry Contact: [email protected]

We will publish any updates to file usage guidelines on the BREAKS LP official website.

  • Samples

Check out some sample remixes
for BREAKS LP over on soundcloud!

Check out on Soundcloud

Not to make musical performance into an indie game, but to make gaming a performance.That was the BREAKS Project challenge. 
BREAKS LP is one result of that project, and through game play that allows the player to change parts of the performance and modify effects while keeping the rhythm, the game is a complete realization of its main concept.

The BREAKS Project is not over. We are looking for the next step.
Still, we wonder if we were successful in showing our players the totally unique nature of BREAKS LP.
We would be overjoyed to hear the players’ impressions, feedback, even exported audio files they are willing to share.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr. Ryan Challinor (@awwbees), whose developing of the BREAKS LP performance system led to the development of the Kinect BeatWheel.

fullPowerSideAttack.comDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows7 64bit/Windows8.1 32bit supported
    • Resolution1280x720 or higher
    • NotesMultiple mice supported (※Leap Motion also supported)
  • Mac OS

    • Operating SystemMac OSX 10.9.1 supported
    • Resolution1280x720 or higher
    • NotesMultiple mice supported (※Leap Motion also supported)


Developer is the home for everything relating to this project. This name was chosen to be easy to remember, and will be used in the future for our many upcoming projects. We presented Taplib, our music tapping puzzle game at SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2011. We presented BREAKS, our music performance game, at SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2012, adding it to the very next day.