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Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a broken sky.

Combining match-3 puzzle gameplay with a fantastical story, But To Paint a Universe tells the story of a girl struggling to restore the sky.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a sky broken by an evil monster in But to Paint a Universe! Play through a diverse indie adventure, where the rules change in every level, or test your skills in the time attack mode competing against yourself for the highest score. Enjoy a wonderful aesthetic experience, and get lost in a beautiful and atmospheric world.

  • Features

  • 20 unique levels in adventure mode
  • 5 bonus levels with hidden objects
  • Beautiful artistic backgrounds
  • Original piano soundtrack
  • Gameplay


A relaxing stroll through puzzle heaven.

Created by indie developer Mårten Jonsson and inspired by the works of anime director Makoto Shinkai, But To Paint a Universe is a unique puzzle game that takes the Match-3 formula and evolves it.

Unlike more rapidly paced puzzle games of its type, But To Paint relies on your ability to plan and think several steps ahead rather than your abiity to beat the clock.

Clicking a color will make it disappear, along with any like colors adjacent to it.


Instead of trying your best to eliminate every color as fast as possible, gold rings in the background need to be occupied by specific colors,  forcing you to think ahead and make sure colors don't fall out of place  >when chain reactions occur.

Enjoy competition as well? Don't forget that you can post your best scores online for the world to see!

But to Paint a Universe is an indie puzzle game for PC, with an interesting narrative and an intoxicating atmosphere, with beautiful levels, and a custom, piano-based soundtrack. This creates a charming and unique atmosphere, which combined with the varied and fun gameplay forms a casual, yet challenging indie game. 

Mårten JonssonDeveloper's Voice

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP/Vista/7/8.
    • Processor1.5Ghz Processor.
    • Memory512MB RAM
    • ResolutionMinimum 1024x768 resolution. Recommended 1280x720



Mårten Jonsson is a game developer from Sweden. A sound designer and musician by trade, he’s now trying to venture into the unknown landscape that is indie game development with the goal and ambition to further expand the artform, as well as showing of his ideas to the world.