$ 7.99

Find your way through the tower and discover the story of the Sky Tower!

This Steam greenlight success is an anime-themed and inspired 3D puzzle platformer through a magical world!

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Forward to the Sky is an indie puzzle platforming game featuring a mixture of puzzles, action, and adventure. Relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, simple controls and combat; a game everyone can enjoy and finish. But the game also features additional challenges for those seeking a bit more in terms of difficulty. There are six unique levels to be explored, where you’ll battle the elements, evade traps, and play with interactive mechanisms to solve the puzzles. Find your way through the tower and discover the story of the Sky Tower!

  • Project Team

  • Wei – Project lead and programming
  • Apupu – Character modeling, animation and particle effects
  • CONE – Character design and story CG
  • Randgris – Game design
  • Ted – 3D scene artist
  • Chris Kukla – Music design
  • Nori – GUI design, logo design and background CG
  • Kay – 3D scene artist
  • EOWS – 3D scene artist
  • Jog – Particle effect artist
  • Bao Chen – Opening BGM composer
  • Kimberley – Voice acting: Princess
  • Ayu – Voice acting: Witch
  • Playism – Japanese localization, English and Japanese debugging
  • Sarah – English translation
  • Catword – Trailer production

In Forward to the Sky, we want to bring you an adventurous journey in the Sky Tower. Ride your hot-air balloon and fly up to the Sky Tower, and find out the story behind each level as you play through them. Gradually reveal the story as you unlock the secrets in each level. We hope you enjoy the game; be sure to look forward to more of our indies anime-style games in the future!

AnimuGameDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP+
    • Processor2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory4 GB RAM
    • GraphicsDX9 (shader model 2.0) compatible
    • Storage430 MB available space
    • Additional NotesFull controller support



AnimuGame is a small group of Anime/Game fans who make anime inspired games. Join them in the discussions about games and participate in the process of making them. They love participation and feedback in order to make the development process a more fun and enjoyable experience for them!