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Get ready for a bruisin' in this fast paced 2D fighting indie game set in a town engulfed in non-stop fighting!

Blow-aways, guard cancels, and pre-emptives counters just not enough? Get hype for these fighting game characters, all with their own command move and follow up.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.


Inaho Town: Dynamite Bomb's demo version is only available in Japanese.

Doujin fighting games are coming straight at you. Call up your friends, dust up your favorite controller, or arcade stick and get ready for a fight! Playism is directly teaming up with Light Green 8 to bring you the English version of Inaho Town: Dynamite Bomb - one of the newest doujin fighters available on the market.

  • Game Modes

Story Mode

See your chosen character's story unfold! Start some fights, and get in there. The main character, Kurogane, is a high school brawler - and this hot headed powder keg is ready to take a hypersonic fist to your face.

Versus Mode / Training Mode

Mash with your friends, or press the E button at character select to enter training mode so you can do some hella' homework.

  • Characters

Blow-aways, guard cancels, and pre-emptives counters just not enough? Get hype for these characters, all with their own command move and follow up.


Kotetsu Kurogane

This guy is main character tier. You brawl with this guy, you gunna' get hurt.


And that means you are going to need a doctor bro. But this is a doujin fighting game, so when you go to the doctors, you need to be careful of dragons man.


Sakura Hinamatsuri


Annie Mosey



Tiger Uotora

Don't want a human being? Got that covered too.
He's a pro-wrestler. A pro. Unlike you. Punk.

Seitaroh Aoi

If you got problems with this school, you can take it up with the Student. Council. President. He ain't got magic, esp, or sorcery.
He just got $$$ .


Youzou Ohta

Of course, why even be human at all. In Inaho town, all our police are cyborgs. This dude has got like a drill for an arm I wouldn't break the law.

Mana Dairokuten

Yo, you thought you could go read a book and get away from this town? No, you can't. This girl is going to make a bibliography of you.


For certain reasons this indie game had to be developed within a year and four months. I tried to visualize the end product I'd be able to make within that deadline and worked backwards to work out my schedule as I moved forward with development. While the end result took the form of a fighting game, I was originally trying simply to portray a battle between ordinary citizens with super powers with no set genre in mind. I look forward to taking my time and building indie games from the engine up in the future.

Developer's Voice


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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows 98/Me/2000/XP
    • ProcessorPentium III 400MHz+
    • Memory128MB+
    • Storage>1.02GB
    • DirectXDirectX7+



We've only recently begun developing, but we want to challenge ourselves with many different genres of games in the future! We hope you look forward to our games!