$ 14.99

iREM's legendary arcade games are back!

These classic indie titles from the 80's bring gamers back to a simpler time in gaming; a time when the arcades ruled, and pixels roamed the Earth.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

18 Indie Games are Included in this Collection!

  • Kung-Fu Master
  • Vigilante
  • Ninja Spirit
  • R-Type Leo
  • Air Duel
  • Battle Chopper
  • Cosmic Cop
  • Dragon Breed
  • Gunforce
  • Gunforce 2
  • Hammerin’ Harry
  • Image Fight
  • Legend of Hero Tonma
  • Mystic Riders
  • Undercover Cops
  • In the Hunt
  • Superior Soldiers
  • Blade Master

This old school collection provides you with an explosive mix of everything an Arcade fan needs.

The magic of arcade gaming is back, and it's on the PC!

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  • Windows

    • Processor1.4 GHz
    • Memory512 Mb
    • Storage95.7 MB



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