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Explore the dangerous ruins of Eg-Lana with Lumisa Kosugi in La-Mulana 2.

The long-awaited sequel to La-Mulana, La-Mulana 2 follows Lumisa Kosugi as she explores the ancient ruins of La-Mulana. Desperate to find the cause of the recent slew of monsters appearing from the ruins, Lumisa discovers the "other" La-Mulana: the ruins known as Eg-Lana.

DRM-Free and Steam Key

All users that purchase this title on Playism will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key!

LA-MULANA 2 features sprawling ancient ruins, mind-boggling mysteries, untold numbers of items, and terrible enemies woven together to form what is possibly the perfect Metroidvania-style "archaeological ruin exploration action game".

In LA-MULANA 2, you take on the role of Lumisa Kosugi - daughter of the previous title’s hero - as she explores the ancient ruins of La-Mulana, said to be the cradle of human civilization. Desperate to find the cause of the numerous recent appearances of monsters from the ruins, Lumisa heads to the "other" La-Mulana: the ruins known as Eg-Lana.

Explore the vast ruins comprising multiple field maps, solve mysteries and riddles using the stone tablets and messages you discover along the way, and take out the huge monsters known as "Guardians" as you make your way to the deepest depths of the ruins.

You won’t believe the awesome mystery of Eg-Lana you uncover at the end of your journey...

  • About La-Mulana 2

La-Mulana was known as a "Metroidvania"-style game (a 2D action platformer with an emphasis on non-linear exploration). That said, the real core of the game is in deciphering the riddles scattered throughout the game, and solving the puzzles that exist as part of the ruins.

A classic experience: As with its predecessor, La-Mulana 2 will not feature a tutorial or a long-winded sidekick. As a seasoned explorer, it's up to you to discover the secrets hidden within the ruins and find the truth within on your own.

Explore at your own pace: By deciphering cryptic text on the monuments scattered throughout the ruins, you will gradually unravel the mystery of the ruins. Which parts of the sprawling underground you tackle, and in what order, is up to you. Sometimes you will need to use changes in backgrounds, mysterious sounds, the strength of enemies, or the sneakiness of traps to detect subtle changes in your surroundings. 

A colossal adventure: We have designed a variety of zones, and have created a mystery deep enough to encompass a gigantic cave system. This is a very large-scale indie title. We predict newcomers to the series will probably be able to clear the game in 20 to 30 hours. Because of the non-linear nature of Eg-Lana, La-Mulana 2 will have plenty of replayability.

New horrors, new weapons: Plenty of ferocious and terrifying monsters and guardians stand in your way in the depths of this new underground network. Fortunately, you will also have an arsenal of tools and weapons at your disposal to help you on your journey.

Widescreen support: The first La-Mulana was a remake of a retro-style game that ran in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which made widescreen support impossible. For La-Mulana 2, the various maps and rooms are designed to be 16:9-compatible, making it perfect for widescreen TVs and monitors.

The question we’ve asked ourselves throughout development is: "How can we make an old-school 2D game take advantage of advancements in present-day technology?"

  • Game Features

  • Become an adventurer and explore sprawling ancient ruins
  • Gather hints to solve the various mysteries of the ruins
  • Dive into the action as you fight off tough enemies seeking to impede your progress
  • A detailed and beautifully dot-rendered world
  • Seven main weapons and over ten sub-weapons
  • Over 60 items of various types to help you explore the ruins
  • Over 20 apps to install on your trusty adventurer’s tablet, the "Mobile Super X3"
  • Includes reference book with over 200 monsters and other characters in the game
  • the Characters



(21 years old. 4th Generation Japanese. Protagonist)

Some say she is Lemeza's wife's daughter from a previous marriage, while others believe she's Professor Shawn's illegitimate child. Either way, she is a Kosugi; that much is clear. With the request to search the ruins from Xelpud in hand, she travels to La-Mulana to make her archaeological debut.


(36 years old, the original protagonist)

Tales of his exploits in the ruins of La-Mulana may be known worldwide, but he was also responsible for the ruins collapsing, and has gone into hiding as a result. His desire to explore has not faded, however, and still finds time to go spelunking in secret.



(67 years old)

After revealing the "treasure of all life" brought back from the ruins of La-Mulana, he returned to an hermetic life once more. Although he quit after finishing his research on "The root of all life", he finds himself slowly drawn back into the world of archeology.


(Age Unknown)

Upon the collapse of the La-Mulana ruins, his life as the 7th child came to an end. He's been spending his time running the "La Mulana ruins tourist spot" as a method of once more finding a purpose in his life. As a result, he's become quite wealthy, and now lives a life of luxury full of beautiful women and fast cars.



(3024 years old. She looks about 24.)

Since being released from the ruins, she has been happily living above ground, pretending to be a young woman. Using her amazing knowledge of history, she has become a treasure hunter. She's also grown quite fashionable.

  • BAcker Questions

I am a Kickstarter backer, and I haven't received my reward.

All Kickstarter emails were sent out on July 27th. Please check your Spam and Promotions folders to see if your email landed there. If you cannot locate your email, please email support[at] and let them know that you can't find it anywhere (including spam).

I am a Playism backer, and I haven't received my reward/didn't get an email.

Playism backers had their rewards automatically generate in their Playism libraries. Please check the Add-Ons section of your Playism Library to get your reward.

I only have the game, where are the rest of my rewards?

With all the focus on getting the game released, some rewards are not ready yet. We will be releasing the other rewards as they become available.

I want my DRM-Free version!

For Playism backers, this should already be in your account. For Kickstarter backers, email us at support[at] from the email you use on Kickstarter, and we will add it to your Playism Account.

When will the Physical Rewards be ready? Will you contact me?

The physical rewards aren’t ready yet, and we can’t say when they will be yet. We WILL contact you when we need info from you though!

Where is my Steam key in Playism?

Please click on the “Download” button in your Game Library. Your key should appear then.

My shipping address is wrong / I want to confirm my shipping address

We haven’t collected any shipping addresses since the physical rewards are not ready to be sent. We WILL contact you for your shipping address when those rewards are ready.

I made a Playism Account, why is my Kickstarter reward not automatically appearing there?

I'm afraid that this is not automatic. All Kickstarter rewards are emailed out. If you would like your DRM-free copy, you have to email Playism and ask them for it. We are handling these manually because there is no automatic system in place.

I'm a backer, and I want a PS4/Xbox One/Switch Copy instead of my PC Copy

I'm afraid that Kickstarter and Playism backers are only entitled to the PC version of the game. We have been listing that very clearly on the Kickstarter and Playism pages since day one. We have been working really hard to get all the rewards that were promised to backers to the backers, and are working to get the currently unavailable rewards ready. These rewards do not include the console versions, as the stretch goal was not achieved. We thank you for your understanding.

Where is my copy of the OST?

All Backers who are eligible for the La-Mulana 2 OST should have had an email with a key for it (Kickstarter Backers) or had it automatically generate in their Playism Game Library (Playism Backers). This was all done on Sept 19th. If you can't find your email, please check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, please email us at support[at]

  • GAme Questions

Is there a manual for the game?

  • Yes there is! You can find it here:

What are the controls in the game?

  • All the controls are listed here:

Can I rebind my keys?

Yes, you can. Please note that the rebinding options span over two different pages. If you have a duplicate on the two menus, you will run into errors.

I'm suffering from game slowdowns / lag / low framerate / etc.

We have worked hard to get the game to run as smoothly as possible, including areas that are pretty demanding. Please check your PC specs, your CPU strength is pretty important for this game, so if you are on the line with minimum specs, we can't guarantee it will run as smoothly as desired.

One user has supplied one solution to this issue:

I have an 8-core processor. Turns out, if I only allow the game to run on 2-4 cores, it runs flawlessly. 1 core isn't enough processing power, so it has traditional frame drops, choppy music, etc. 2 seems to be the most stable. 3-4 are mostly good but experience a few sluggish moments. 5-8 are all pretty laggy. I don't know if this is a problem with the game or a problem with my computer/processor, but it solved my problem, and it may solve yours.

To change the amount of cores you're using, open up the task manager (Ctrl+shift+esc), click "More Details" if not expanded, then click the "Details" tab, right-click LaMulana2.exe, then click "set affinity".

My Xbox Controller doesn't work on Mac.

Sadly due to Apple and Microsoft not supporting each other, we are unable to easily address this. Our best suggestion is to use a 3rd party mapping tool. Have you tried using Steam to configure your controller?

I want Pixel Perfect Scaling/more screen resolutions/etc.

This game designed "looks like Pixel-perfect" when you choose 960 * 540 resolution. But it's actually made with Unity which is 3D engine, so all pixel arts are technically 3D object and some effects are using real-time rendering. Full screen setting may cause blurry edges. We recommend 1920 * 1080 or 960 * 540 resolution if you want near pixel-perfect scale.

My PS4 controller isn't working with the game

This could be happening for a variety of reasons. Can you please try configuring your controller via Steam. Steam settings > Controller > General controller settings and enabling Playstation configuration support. 

If this doesn't help, a user has provided an alternative solution:

You'll need a controller to keyboard input mapper (I use Xpadder personally, though I believe Joytokey would work just as well, and is free, ymmv)


  1. Open your key bindings file (C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\LocalLow\NIGORO\LaMulana2\Config\keyconfig.xml)
  2. Open keyconfig.xml in notepad and set all elements which fall between < joyname1 > < / joyname1 > to null.
    Just to be perfectly clear, the line should read 
    < joyname1 > null < / joyname 1 >
    in all cases. (please remove spaces)
  3. Map all your controller inputs to their appropriate keyboard inputs in Xpadder.

Did I suddenly turn on hard mode without reading the tablet?

The game will get more difficult the more you progress through it.

  • Other Questions

I am a streamer/youtuber/media/etc. and I want to contact you about La-Mulana 2

Great, send us an email at support[at] Please make sure you email us from a verifiable email address.

Does buying La-Mulana 2 on Playism change anything?

No, the build on Playism is the same as on Steam. The only difference is that with Playism, you get both the DRM-Free version and a Steam key.

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

Hi all!Thank you for all your support with La-Mulana 2! We have just updated the game to version! ...
Hi all!Thank you for all your support with La-Mulana 2! We have just updated the game to version! ...
Hey explorers! We hope all your adventures have been great ones!We've been carefully going through all of the ...
  • Windows

    • Please NoteRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • Operating SystemWindows 7 (64-bit)
    • ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i5 2.3GHz or above
    • Memory4 GB RAM
    • GraphicsGraphic board with at least 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectXVersion 11
    • Storage4 GB available space
  • Mac OS

    • Please NoteRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • Operating SystemMac OS 10.11 or later
    • ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i5 2.3GHz or above
    • Memory4 GB RAM
    • GraphicsGraphic board with at least 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectXVersion 11
    • Storage4 GB available space



This game studio was established in Japan in 2007 by a group of friends who had previously been working on games as a hobby. Free Flash games are available to play at the NIGORO website (, where other games are also distributed. Development is undertaken by a three-person team, consisting of two programmers and one director/graphic artist. Their catalog of outstanding works in the Flash game arena contain games such as “Rose & Camellia”, “Mekuri Master”, and “LA-MULANA” - which gained a large following back in their amateur days and was later remade for WiiWare, and then ported to the PC.