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What Lilly sees is about to change her life forever....

Help our heroine through a variety of enchanting environments brimming with magic and wonder.

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Lilly Looking Through is an unforgettable and magical indie adventure!

Welcome to Lilly's world!

What Lilly sees is about to change her life forever…

On a particularly cool and misty summer night, Lilly is visited by an enchanted red scarf that sends her on an incredible adventure as she seeks to rescue her little brother Row. Soon into her quest, Lilly discovers a special pair of goggles that allow her to solve many navigational challenges by rewriting the past and changing the present. Step into a world filled with magic, puzzles, and marvelous machines that celebrate a sense of wonder as you help Lilly save her brother and discover the ultimate mystery.

The indie studio Geeta Games presents Lilly Looking Through, an  indie animated point-and-click adventure game that is appropriate for all ages. Lilly’s story is set in a fictional fantasy world and told almost completely by the universal language of pantomime, and can be enjoyed at many levels by the whole family. Guide our heroine Lilly through a land filled with enchanting environments brimming with wonder. 

  • How to Play

Lilly Looking Through is an indie point and click puzzle adventure game. The pace of the game is calm and relaxing, and there is no hurry. Take your time and pay close attention to what you see. Everything you need to continue on your adventure is usually in front of you. Move the mouse around the screen and look for things to click on that may help you on your adventure. Pay close attention to everything that is happening, because its usually giving you a very important clue.

In Lilly Looking Through, use your mysterious goggles to see into the past change it to mold the present.

What Lilly sees is about to change her life forever.... Help our heroine through a variety of enchanting environments brimming with magic and wonder, as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery. Geeta Games presents an indie animated point-and-click adventure for all ages: Lilly Looking Through.

GEETA GAMESDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP or later
    • Processor2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
    • Memory2 GB RAM
  • Mac OS

    • Operating SystemOS X 10.6 Leopard or later
    • Processor2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or faster processor
    • Memory2 GB RAM



Geeta Gamesは娯楽産業(映画、音楽、ゲーム開発など)のあるゆる業界で様々な経験を持つ人々で形成している独立ゲーム開発スタジオです。初ゲームである「Lilly Looking Through」は、細部までこだわったアドベンチャーゲームを完成させまし