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Go toward the sky. Wingless though you may be, flightless this makes you not.

Link: The Unleashed Nexus is an indie fast-paced action game which will challenge the player to stay in the air.

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Link: The Unleashed Nexus is an indie fast-paced action game which will challenge the player to stay in the air. “HAVEN” is a world governed by a “Nexus,” a stone that restricts people’s thoughts. Awakening at its lowest stratum, the player must bound over enemies, and glide and dash non-stop to find a way out of the world.

No complicated rules, only intuitive gameplay! Experience the thrill of using a variety of mechanics to speed your way to the goal. With no cut scenes and no dialogue, this indie game focuses solely on gameplay. Play through once to clear the game, then come back for a time attack mod.

Development was a race against the clock, and eliminating things like the element of randomness left me feeling a bit restricted, but I’m relieved that I was able to release the game pretty much without a problem! The controls, camera movement and seamless BGM transitions might seem a bit experimental but I’m pleased to have gotten all these into the game the way I did.

REMINISCEDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • ProcessorCore i5, i7 or higher
    • Memory3GB or more
    • HDD2.5GB available space
    • GraphicsGeforce650 or an equivalent
    • PotterUp-to-date DirectX required



We've just recently started pursuing game development, and love every moment of it! We create games from our very hearts and souls and hope that by putting our dreams and imaginations out into the gaming world, everyone can enjoy playing them just as much as we enjoy making them.