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Humanity has lost many things to the wars. Territory, technology, and their true history...

Lost Technology is a simulation game in which over 100 characters comprising a total of 12 different factions battle to conquer each other’s territories. The faction chosen at the beginning will determine the conversations and events that occur throughout the game between the player and the other factions.

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No one knows when or how it started.

In the lands controlled by humans, one fights in the name of peace and justice, one battles for no reason other than to fight, one battles out of greed, to gain more land, and like this, they all faded in the fighting.

The victor edits history to put them in a favorable light, and removes anything that they deem unflattering...

As a result, humanity has lost many things to the wars.

Territory, technology, and their true history...

  • GamePlay

Lost Technology is a real-time-strategy (RTS) siege game. The game is centred around three major phases:


Phase One: Turn-Based War Strategy

Recruit units, and build your army. Find those who will fight for you, command their movements and formation to smoothly prepare to assault your enemy’s territories, or being diplomacy to build peaceful and prosperous relations.

Phase Two: Real-Time Battle

Co-ordinate your army and navigate them through the battle field. With a variety of terrains, attacks and formations, utilize them all to overpower and defeat your enemy.


Phase Three: Story Event

Play through scenarios, each triggered by special events within the game. Your choices and interactions here will affect your strategy and progression.

You must take control of all territories to complete the game.

  • The World

At a glance, the world of Lost Technology appears to resemble the Middle Ages, as well as a fantasy setting. However, civilization had once exceeded our current level of scientific advancement.
This drastic difference in advancement is due to the decaying effects of ongoing war. What remains in the game is the world experienced by the player.
Long ago when the realms were undivided, there existed incredibly advanced technology that we could not even imagine.

This technology would be:
"Weaponry", "Ideology", "Appliances", "Theory", "Manufacture", "Speech", "Craft", "Knowledge", "Study" and "Law"...
A wide range of fields that were developed over long periods of history.

However, most of this has now been lost through the endless wars.
The player's mission is to choose a single power and bring an end to the wars, once again creating a world of peace.

  • Features

  • Over 100 comrade units (generals) with their own beautiful illustrations by Agahari!
  • Carefully chosen music samples, as well as compositions from the legendary Cranky!

We’ve finally managed to make our way up to release.
We’ve come quite a long way in the two-plus years since PLAYISM first reached out to us on March 16th, 2015.

Lost Technology is an appropriation of a game program called Vahrenturga.
Vahrenturga was the winner of the 2009 game contest held by the major Japanese free game posting site Freem!, and boasts over 200,000 downloads.

I became obsessed with this game and spent an immeasurable amount of time playing it before subsequently becoming obsessed with creating mods, and then finally using the game system to create my own original title.

That title is Lost Technology.

Therefore, this program wasn’t created by our team, and the cooperation of the creator of the original game “Nanaashi”, was absolutely necessary for us to be able to release Lost Technology overseas.
Nanaashi was extremely happy to hear about our plans for an English version, and I myself was a huge fan of Vahrenturga, so I did everything in my power to ensure that this game could be released.
In Japanese, kanji characters can be utilized to shorten all sorts of texts, but that’s not possible in English.

There are some parts in which the text simply could not be made shorter.
Due to this, we often had issues with the game screen requiring tweaking in order to keep all of the necessary text visible and in place. Each time this occurred, Nanaashi helped immensely by accepting our requests for the required tweaks and adjustments. Furthermore, we also had some very serious problems with differences in non-Japanese OS text encoding, and these problems became so serious at one point that we actually came close to giving up on the release altogether.

However, Nanaashi was somehow able to figure out and solve the source of these problems, allowing us to finally bring the game to release. I honestly cannot thank Nanaashi enough.

To all of our overseas players who enjoy Lost Technology:
I would be enthralled if all of you would check out and play Vahrenturga as well since it's game program can be used freely, so as long as you have the various materials in place, you, too, can make your very own original strategy SLG on the same game system.

CB-SXF6Lost TEchnology Developer's Voice

Congratulations on the release of the English version of Lost Technology.
As the creator of the original, I am truly honored to have Vahrenturga used as the base system for this expansive strategy-simulation title featuring beautiful illustrations, music, and voice work.
Thank you very much.

NanaashiVahrenturga developer

Congratulations on Lost Technology and the English release of the Kingdom of Gug scenario!
It’s really deeply moving to think that those funky frogs are setting off out into the world.
Since it is, after all, a music-themed scenario, please be sure to check out the awesome original songs, too. Have fun!

Hato MoaHatoful Boyfriend developer, and writer for the Kingdom of Gug Scenario

Game Structure

  • Turn-Based War Strategy Phase
  • Real-Time Battle Phase
  • Story Event Phase

Turn-Based War Strategy Phase

  • Form your squad
    Assemble your ideal team of warriors.
  • Attack
    Once prepared, move to attack the enemy region.
  • Recruit troops
    Recruit standard troops and strengthen your army.
  • Recruit comrades
    You can recruit powerful comrades in your region.
  • Diplomacy
    Deepen your bonds with those you would rather not fight.

Real-Time Battle Phase

  • Move your army into battle.
  • Command your army into various formations.
  • Lead your solders into battle with a variety of attacks.

Many components are automatic, allowing for a good flow and making each engagement short and satisfying.


Story Event Phase

There are various factors which can trigger the event phase.

  • You increased your territory.
  • You befriended a specific comrade.
  • Your territory borders another country.
  • You destroyed another country.
  • You met a certain comrade on the battlefield.

The event will display story text with occasional choices to be made by the player.


You must take control of all territories to complete the game.

Each faction has their own ending to the game, and some may have a secret ending.

Lost Technology is a simulation game in which over 100 characters comprising a total of 12 different factions battle to conquer each other’s territories. The faction chosen at the beginning will determine the conversations and events that occur throughout the game between the player and the other factions. Based on a strategy simulator called Vahrenturga, this original scenario is currently being distributed as a free game in Japanese.

Freem! "Vahrenturga" store page (only available in Japanese)

This is a game has a large amount of story text for each playable faction. Ideally we would like to provide fully localized versions for each respective faction, however, the size and scale of the game meant that a full localization would be extremely difficult to provide all at once, and so only the six factions known as the Reinald Empire, Makan, Álfheim, Kingdom of Gug, Castus and Dragon Knights of Fevnr are included in the English release.
It is possible to start with any of the other playable factions, but story events will not occur and only the simulation part of the game may be played.

The Japanese version still contains the currently available free version, all of the basic functions without changes, and all factions are included in full right off the bat.
(We had to remove some fan content from the build due to the copyright issues though.)

However, it will be distributed as a paid title due to adjustments made specifically for Steam and the addition of trading cards, etc.We currently plan to look carefully at how this title sells (including sales within Japan) and will proceed with the localization of the remaining factions in accordance with the sales numbers. The remaining factions are set to be distributed as additional DLC in the future. Please stay tuned for more news regarding further details.

With your support, we hope to provide players with Lost Technology in its full glory!

What is the purpose of the "Watch" mode?

"Watch" mode is a feature that is not essential but better to have than not.When playing story mode or free mode, you can make the important decisions for your faction and then let the rest play out automatically, which is convenient.

I couldn't beat the game in "Watch" mode, even though I unified all the nations...

Several factions have hidden dungeons, which you need to search using the "Find" option. However, "Find" cannot be used while in "Watch" mode, so even when you have unified the nations the game will not register as complete. 

Is there one story for each faction?

So far, yes. But there is a secret story for one of the factions...
**Please note that only six factions have been translated to English so far. 

What about modding?

You are very welcome to create your own mods for this game. You can do so by using Vahren. 
However, please note that we won't be able to offer any support/error help etc. on modded games. 
The game originally had some modded fan content. This had to be removed due to copyright. Those scenarios have not been translated and are not available in the Steam version of the game. 

A character from the story is currently roaming... isn't that odd?

Initial members of your faction and units who join as part of the story will continue to be present in the story, even if they are released from service. 
Changing this would affect the flow of events and make it possible to unify all the nations without seeing the ending.

Could I make a Let's Play of this and share it publicly?

Yes, please feel free.
You do not need to worry about revealing spoilers.
However, please refrain from making videos designed to slander this game.

Is it OK to make fan content based on this game?

Yes, please feel free. 
However, graphic/sexual content is restricted to locations for people of 18 years and over.
It may not be shared in locations accessible to all ages.

I can't select the Crime Faction.

As of the update on 21/08/2017, Crime can now be selected as a Faction. However, please note that in Japanese, certain conditions need to be fulfilled before they are unlocked. 

How long does it take to complete?

Should be around 20-30 hours per campaign.

How is the Japanese version and English version different?

We explained that in detail in the "EN/JP Differences" tab.

How can I play in Full Screen?

When you start the game, its supposed to give you the option between windowed or full screen. Sadly there is no way to change the settings in-game. 

Where is the Manual?

here is a manual in Japanese, however, due to the size and amount of text, it hasn't been translated into English yet. A lot of the information is pretty easy to work out in game, and since we prioritized the game translation, the manual hasn't been done yet.If you're interested, the Japanese manual is here.

What are merits under units names?

This is the worthiness of a unit. The more enemies you defeat on the battlefield, the higher it will go. If you work on raising the merit of talented people in your army, their war skill will improve and it can advance your campaign in the game.

How does loyalty come into effect?

So there are two values here. One is Trust and one is Loyalty. The leader of the faction you have chosen will have the Trust parameter. This is the value of how much trust your leader has. It can rise and fall with whether you win or lose battles. However, the lower it is, the more likely your units are to flee the battle without your command. 
Loyalty on the other had is also dependent on if the unit wins or loses a battle. However, the developer says that at the moment its a parameter that doesn't actually affect anything... yet.

Is there anyway to tell when an area has something to find?

You'll just have to keep searching.

Is there any romance in this game?

Yes, but I can't tell you much about it.

Is there somewhere I can see all the Characters/Information?

Not yet sadly, however, the Playism Blog does introduce some of the faction's that have their Stories translated. Read them here: ÁlfheimMakanReinald EmpireCastusKingdom of GugDragon Knights of Fevnr.

Will you translate the extra scenarios?

As of 11/2/2018, we have added the extra scenarios to the game. 

Why can't I recruit (insert character name here)?

This depends on what faction you are playing. If your faction has a good standing with the person you want to recruit's alliance, then it may be possible to recruit them. However, if you aren't in good standing, they will turn you down. Eg. If you play lizardmen, its near impossible to recruit a human, as the human will be afraid you will eat them. 

How do I exit Watch mode?

Go into the settings and turn it off.

How will you handle the content for the other Factions?

We will be updating the game build with the new content, and simply increasing the price to match the contents. This means that if you buy the game before all the factions are implemented, you will get the updates for free. 

Why do my units keep fleeing or deserting from battle?

Check your leader's trust value. If the value is low, your units are more likely to desert. Also, betraying nations you are allied with will lower this value. So choose your battles wisely.

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows Xp Vista 7
    • ProcessorPentium4
    • Memory512 MB RAM
    • GraphicsDirectX 9.0c



"CB-SXF6" is a Japanese game developer.