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A paradise lost; an island full of memory. Those who forget the horrors of the past will pay the price...

Having been sucked into an alternate world where the relics of war are now living, breathing creatures, our heroine must find her way around these monsters, and along with her companion, find a way back to their world...

DRM-Free and Steam Key

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From indie-game award winning LaboGameStudio comes its first shareware Action Horror Adventure game! 

  • Story

Ever since the war ended, the island has been slowly re-consumed by nature. Try as we might to keep our regrets in our memories, the choices and events of the past don't just disappear.

Having been sucked into an alternate world where the relics of war are now living, breathing creatures, our heroine must get around these monsters and, along with her companion, find a way back to their world...

  • What's Special About Memento

  • A fully panned out script with rich characters and multiple endings
  • Detailed Pixel art drawn from 3D rending that helps create a well made mix of immersion and presence.
  • Music composed using the next generation virtual sound instrument, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, enhancing the atmosphere.

Great mix of action horror and emotional plot, a splendid work just like their previous game. There are a lot of bad endings you can run into, but that made getting to the Good End all the more satisfying.

J.Afrom Niigata

A rather difficult game with many choices that make replaying it worth it. The game also manages to create a sense of horror that you'd only find in 2D.

H.Tfrom Tokyo

Sound production in the Mansion was intensely well done. The audio really brings out the stillness of the Mansion and amplify the presence of the unseen creature.


The concept of this game is "experience of sympathy". 

What makes a game resonate with players? 
What makes a game heartfelt? 

In pursuit of these goals LaboGameStudio weaves within its games  touching characters, detailed graphics, beautiful music, and climactic stories into a deeply memorable experience.

As the indie scene in Japan starts to explode,  LaboGameStudio strives to make games that standout and really make you think "This game was definitely worth playing". 
The studio strives to create more and more games that will hopefully embed such a lasting impression on their players.

LaboGameStudioDeveloper's Voice

This game is made by RPG Maker, so the engine's exclusive feature is available as shown below.

If you want to take a screenshot using Steam Overlay feature, please change the key to the key other than F12.

  • F12: Reset the game
  • Alt+Enter: Full screen / Window mode

Text is Unreadable

A small text bug sometimes occurs on Windows machines when starting up the game, making the in-game text harder to read. To fix this bug, please follow the instructions below:

NOTE: These instructions are designed for Windows 7. Menu options might vary in other versions of Windows.

  1. Go to your Control Panel
  2. Open the Region and Language menu item.
  3. Click on the Administrative tab
  4. Under "Language for non-Unicode programs", click the "Change system locale..." button.
  5. Click on the drop down menu and select"Japanese"
  6. When the pop-up appears, click "Restart Now" to accept the changes.

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10(32bit/64bit)
    • ProcessorIntel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory512 MB RAM
    • Storage400 MB 利用可能
    • Note1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution



LaboGameStudio have produced a few very unique games which you can find for free in our website. With the help of overseas fans certain games have also been translated. We hope you will take a moment to check them out. Thank you.