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"Murasaki" is a puzzle explosion game.

Use explosions to clear the screen of pesky obstacles filling it up. The only controls you need are the directional buttons and two other buttons!

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"Murasaki" is an indie puzzle explosion game. Use explosions to clear the screen of pesky obstacles filling it up. The only controls you need are the directional buttons and two other buttons (C and X)!

  • Characters



His movement is slow, but his long range shot can reach anywhere on the screen. This however, also means that you don't have rapid shots. The bomb can absorb enemy's bullets and become powerful. Use it wisely.


Her movement is fast, but the range of her shots are very short. Sometimes they won't reach the enemy.However, using her speedy shots, you can bounce the explosive blocks farther than Kairi which makes it easier to create a chain attack with other blocks.Her bomb explodes quickly and deals significant damage.


Have fun with a huge bang after a chain reaction, just listen to tranquil but gorgeous music, or be thrown into despair with the screen full of bullets.
Murasaki is not an easy indie game in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it becomes really addictive.

The most important aspect of this game is not to evade the bullets, but to blow them up with an explosion.

Your shot may not always be the wise move, can you solve this bullet hell puzzle?

So, here comes the BLUE or RED explosive blocks floating around.

When you shoot these, it explodes after moving for a short distance. By enclosing enemies or their bullets, you can blow them up. Moreover, when you hit many blocks, it will create a huge explosion. (See image below)


During the boss battle, the boss: bullets turn into your attack when you capture them in the explosion, and this will be your main attack aimed at the boss.

Sometimes you'd better keep the blocks and wait for boss's intense bullet hell time.
When the boss emits a red orb, don't take it if this is the first time you are playing since it will trigger the berserk mode, are you sure you are ready for the stronger, berserk attacks?

Also when you touch the wall of the stages, you can collect all the point items at once, but at the same time you might become trapped by the bullets, so be careful getting close to the edge.

Since you can only shoot upwards, explosive blocks often stay below you. If you are using Kairi, try aiming those blocks by reflecting the shot, but it will be difficult for Satsuki, in such cases, don't hesitate using the bomb.

To unlock the Collection, there are requirements described for each items. If the item icons are still "?", try unlocking other items, beat other levels, aim for the highscores, etc.

There is not much story in the beginning, but as you unlock those collections, slowly you'll find the vast world of Murasaki.

For more information on how to play, please check the "How to Play" tab.

PlayismPublisher's Message

I had the initial concept for this game several years back, and through much trial and error during its long years of development, the game is finally ready for the world!

We hope you enjoy Yomogimochi's character designs, the original music by Watson of MusMus, and of course, causing lots and lots of explosions.

KATATEMADeveloper's Voice


  • Tetsu: scenario, programming
  • Yomogimochi: graphics
  • watson: music
  • Falcarius: Original English translation
  • config

You can start a config tool from "Launch Configuration Tool" when you start the game. Here, you can configure the screen size, BGM/SE ratio, key bindings, etc.

  • Play Guide


If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows Vista or newer
    • ProcessorCore 2 Duo or better recommended
    • Memory1GB or better recommended



Started developing the game from 2003. We don't stick with one genre but making various ones from puzzles to RPGs. More than 10 games were already released during these ~10 years. "Yusha Satsujin-jiken(JP only)", "Depressed Yusha(JP only)", "Irisu Syndrome!", "Demon King Chronicle", "Murasaki". We are aiming to create the games which are "simple and fun", and "system and scenerio united into one".