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Murasaki Tsurugi is an explosive puzzle game.

Murasaki Tsurugi Original Soundtrack

DRM-Free and Steam Key

All users that purchase this title on Playism will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key!

This is the original soundtrack from Murasaki Tsurugi.
Including all tracks in full, you can even experience the phrases and transitions previously unavailable due to ingame track loops.
As with the main game, the CD jacket consists of an original illustration designed by Yomogimochi himself.

  1. Breeze of Awakening
  2. Fairytale Poison and Solitude
  3. Old Battlefield, Now Tranquil
  4. Doubling Game (Bye-Bye Art Dream)
  5. Victory 1
  6. Lake of Tears
  7. Healthy Unicorn Girl
  8. Flask of Loyalty
  9. Fortune and Misfortune Come in Strange Clothes
  10. Victory 2
  11. Triple Box
  12. Cheer Up, Pure Queen
  13. An Azure Sword Slices Through the Twilight
  14. The Final Dark of Night
  15. Darkness and Rumbling
  16. Speartip of Judgment
  17. Swimming in an Empty Sky
  18. Connecting

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作曲したもの:ムラサキ、ムラサキ劍、いりす症候群!滅 / Composer / MusMus / Murasaki tsurugi / Irisu Syndrome