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An "Omni-directional - Allied powers Shoot'em up" with a microorganism motif

Your own ship does not have any offensive abilities, so the goal is to collect allies and order them to destroy enemy microorganisms.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

Your own ship does not have any offensive abilities, so the goal is to collect allies and order them to destroy enemy microorganisms. 


Companies around the world continue to suck up the Earth's oil, until one day a rig starts spewing incredible amounts of some sort of magma, causing the end of the Earth as we know it.

A scientist named Yuka from an un-named National Science Institute realized just before the disaster that the current situation was not sustainable.

She therefore entrusts the future of the Earth to an artificial hyperthermophilic organism created in her lab.

This is a Shoot ‘em up that even casual gamers can enjoy.
This game concept originally came about thanks to my hobby of flipping through scientific journals about various organisms.
I wanted to create a game with the theme of "Adventuring in the microscopic world."
At first it was no more than a small atmospheric game, but after taking feedback from various people it turned into a unique Shoot-em up/ RTS mix where you guide the actions of a group of microorganisms to fight for you.
Usually games from the Bullet Hell Shoot-em up, Omni-directional Shoot-em up, or RTS genres are extremely hard to control and therefore have a high barrier of entry.
With Nanosmiles I wanted to keep the general feeling of these games, while keeping the stage length short and making the controls as simple as possible.
I believe I have created a game that even players who usually struggle with action titles can enjoy.
Of course, I realize that there are some players out there would not consider this a "real game" if it is too easy.
For those people, I have included Extra Stages with a much higher difficulty level.
After clearing the game, these extra stages will unlock for you to enjoy.
I have also added the ability to record Game Clear Times, so fans of time attack runs will have something to enjoy as well.
Eventually I am hoping to create an iPad version of Nanosmiles. 

DONGDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7
    • CPUPentium processor or equivalent.
    • GPUDirectX 8 compatible graphic card (32MB of video memory)
    • HDD space156MB



A freelance musician and free game creator. He is known as [Dong] on the NicoNico video streaming site, and contributes to the "Vocaloid P" series. He also created the simple music creation tool titled "Standontan."