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Sometimes justice isn't enough. Sometimes you need Ninjustice!

Repel an alien invasion using amazing ninja skills, all the while rebuilding civilization, floor by floor.

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NINJUSTICE is one of two indie games published and localized under the HAL x PLAYISM initiative. In partnership with HAL Game Design school, Playism ran a game design and development contest for the HAL Osaka and Nagoya 2013 graduating class.

After 8 months of development with feedback from Playism staff, La-Mulana director Takumi Naramura, Kero Blaster's Daisuke Amaya, and One Way Heroics creator Smoking Wolf, each team of four presented their indie games. The winners of the contest would receive free localization and publishing through Playism.

NINJUSTICE was one of those winners.


A bumbling cadre of evil aliens have invaded Earth and have begun stealing buildings and kidnapping citizens. With much of the world shrouded in darkness following the invasion, only a lone ninja warrior stands in their way.

With a nearly unlimited shuriken supply, a powerful sword, and lightning fast reflexes at your fingertips, the alien hordes won't stand a chance. When that isn't enough, learn new skills your strengthen your body at the dojo, or improve your weapon at the blacksmith's. The world needs saving, and you can't afford to get lazy!

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The world of Ninjustice is a dangerous one, but you have your fair share of tools at your disposal. As you start your globe trotting journey, you'll have access to your initial sword techniques and your shurikens.

When an alien ship attacks a building somewhere in the world, it's up to you to race there as soon as possible, and stop the aliens' evil scheme. Once in battle, simply point the mouse in the direction you wish to attack, and click. Our hero zooms to the spot in and instant, cutting all enemies in his way. String multiple dashes together to build an attack combo and destroy each and every one of your enemies. 

By clicking the right mouse button, you can throw shurikens in the direction of your mouse cursor, stunning and immobilizing your enemies before the killing blow.  


Before your quest even begins, a huge chunk of Earth's buildings have already been taken. Once enemies have been have been vanquished, you can spend your hard earned coins on building new monuments and homes, or upgrade existing ones. All fully built buildings will periodically donate money to your cause, so don't forget to build as much as you can!

Each area also has a special monument that must be rebuilt. Rebuild it back to its former glory, and call out the evil boss alien that wants it for themselves!


Things don't always go as planned, and sometimes a battle can end in a pyrrhic victory. Never fear! The food court is here! For just a few bucks, you can fill your belly and salve your wounds. Nothing like a plate of sushi to get you back your feet and slashing aliens apart!


Our ninja hero is talented, but he's yet to hit his true potential. Luckily, he's got the right kind of friends. The master of the dojo and Japan's most talented blacksmith are at the ready to improve his weapons and and his skills.

If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP or newer
    • Memory512MB or more
    • Free space205MB or more
    • Resolution1280×720 max



Made up of four members of the HAL Osaka 2013 graduating class, Sakura Fubuki was formed for a single purpose: to create Ninjustice for the HALxPLAYISM game design contest. As winners of the contest, Ninjustice received free localization and publishing via Playism, and the chance to show their talents to the whole world.