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As the game advances further in to the dungeon, the player will gather Runes, which will be used to combine into more than 250 spells.

Runers is a top-down rogue-like dungeon shooter that lets the player explore a vast dungeon and face fierce monsters and bosses.

DRM-Free and Steam Key

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Runers is an indie top-down rogue-like dungeon shooter where you explore a vast underground labyrinth and face fierce monsters and bosses. As the game advances further into the dungeon, you will gather Runes, which will be used to combine into 285 unique spells. Discovering new spells will unlock their entries in your Runedex; unlock them all! But be careful – if you die, your playthrough is finished.

Each floor is procedurally generated, so the enemies, rooms, event rooms, and bosses you face are all randomly chosen, making every playthrough different. You will not encounter everything in the game in one playthrough, or even five: there is always something new to encounter.


  • Each floor and room is completely randomized – each run will be a different experience
  • Choose from 20 Races and 20 Classes to customize your runs
  • Runes have unique stats that modify the spells you create with them
  • Choose from 285 different spells to build your own unique spell loadouts
  • Upgrade your spells to make them even stronger
  • 50 different traits to choose from when leveling up
  • 10 procedurally generated floors to explore and fight through
  • 15+ random bosses and 100+ random enemies to fight
  • Numerous Challenges, Event Rooms, and Achievements to complete
  • Defeating enemies unlocks entries in your Beastiary
  • 5 difficulty levels to increase the challenge

While creating Runers, our main goal was to give the player as much freedom as possible to build their character in the way they wanted to.  If you want to play a Runer who excels in melee combat, you can, and if you want to play a sniper, you can do that as well.  We also wanted to make each playthrough a unique experience, to allow for as much replayability as possible.


If you are having some troubles with this title, please do not hesitate to check out our Help pages or contact us about it! 

  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP (SP3), Vista (SP2), 7, 8
    • Processor2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory2 GB RAM
    • GraphicsGeForce 8800 or equivalent.
    • DirectXVersion 9.0c
    • Hard Drive350 MB available space
    • Sound CardDirectX 9.0c compatible.



LGK (Let’s Get Kraken) founded in 2011 by two college friends who love games and making games they’d love to play! Runers started off as a simple chat whilst reminiscing about games they used to play and were inspired by which resulted in them balancing game development in between life and full-time jobs to create a piece of wonderment for the public to enjoy. Runers is their debut game.