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Spirits is an indie game about creativity and manipulation of play spaces.

Guide the Spirits on their journey home by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground.

DRM-Free only

This title is only sold as DRM-Free.

Guide the Spirits on their journey home by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground.

Each spirit can be sacrificed to perform one of four actions – build a bridge of leaves, create a blowing cloud, dig tunnels, or block wind currents in an area. Use your actions wisely or you will run out of spirits. In each level it's up to you to find your own creative solution on how to get the spirits to the goal.

To clear a level, you’ll need to guide a set number of spirits to the swirl.

To change the view click and drag or pan with two fingers if you're using a trackpad. Scroll the mouse-wheel or pinch on the trackpad to zoom in and out to get a better overview of the level.

Click on the spirits when they are on ground to perform an action. Depending on the level there are up to four different actions available:
  • Grow leaves to walk up
  • Dig to remove ground and create tunnels
  • Blow to create wind
  • Block to remove wind

When in air clicking a spirit will throw a spore to the ground. You can use spores to collect hard-to-reach plants for a higher level rank. You can also collect a plant by having a spirit walking over it.

When the spirits reach the edge of a cliff or a leaf, they will jump up in the air. When in air the spirits will fly with the wind. On the ground, spirits that get close to a blowing spirit it will be thrown up in the air.

When you reach the required number of spirits to save for a level, you can decide to keep playing and try to save as much spirits as possible and collect all plants in the level. This will get you a higher level rank for the level.

You can see your world rank for each level in the level list. Click “Select Level” from the menu to open the list.

Spirits is an indie game about creativity and manipulation of play spaces.

Players reshape the game world to guide a group of leaf spirits to their destination. The spirits can be transformed to blow wind, build stairs, dig away ground, or block wind. Each level allows different skill combinations, challenging the player with unique puzzles. While the game is challenging and can be played competitively, it has a certain calmness and relaxing atmosphere to it.

We reserve a long time to polish our games. We give game ideas time to grow and evolve, something we believe can be seen in the games. If we were chefs, we're probably part of the Slow-Food-Movement.

Spirits was a very dynamic indie project, we didn’t know exactly how we wanted the final game to be, but we did know what we wanted it to feel like. Being a small team allowed us to experiment and work in a flexible way that would not be possible in a larger team.

We always work with visual content as soon as possible. It makes a big difference for the play experience if a prototype features graphics that support the game mechanic and atmosphere, compared to using programmer art.

To make a good indie game you always need to balance elements of the game so that they fit well together to create the experience you want the player to have. Since we have some new game mechanics that come together such as dynamic wind and destructible geometry, this was something we spent a lot of time on to get it right. We went through many iterations on the exact properties of the wind and how it affects the spirits.

SPACES OF PLAYDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows XP (DirectX® 9.0c) or higher
    • Processor2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, or similar
    • Memory2 GB RAM of Memory
    • Graphics card128 Mb VRAM and Framebuffer Object support. Integrated graphics cards may not work.
  • Mac OS

    • Operating SystemOS X 10.6 or later
    • Processor64-bit processor.



Spaces of Play is an independent games studio based in Berlin/Stockholm, consisting of Mattias Ljungström, Marek Plichta, Andreas Zecher and Martin Straka. Spaces of Play is most known for the award-winning puzzle game Spirits, which focuses on player creativity, dynamic play spaces and an unique visual language. Its team members are also involved in various side projects such as the iPad comic Touch Sensitive by Chris Ware, the physical box-stacking game Ordnungswissenschaften, or the press tool Promoter.