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"Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character", is the 14th title in the "Touhou Project".

This is a “Bullet Hell” game, meaning enemy fire will virtually blanket the entire screen. As impossible as it may seem, it is entirely possible to dodge every single attack. Available on Playism

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This game is available in Japanese only

Gensokyo—A world of unreality, isolated from the real world. Things that have been forgotten and things that have lost their meaning wash ashore here. It is a paradise, inhabited by youkaiand a small number of humans.

Reimu Hakurei—A specialist in youkaiextermination, her work always keeps her busy rushing to one place or another to defend Gensokyo. It's a neverending task, but rewarding and essential to Gensokyo's existence.

Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Characteris the fourteenth installment in a series of indie games called Touhou Project, created by Team Shanghai Alice.

This game’s genre is what’s known as danmaku, or bullet hell. Endless waves of bullets will flood your vision in a furious assault, smothering the screen with dangerous obstacles. But, no matter what, they can always be dodged.


The rules are extremely simple. If your character gets hit by anything that might look like it can hurt you - such as enemy bullets or lasers - you lose. If you vanquish your foes before running out of lives, you win. Whether or not you emerge victorious is wholly dependent on your skills and perseverance.

Enemy bullet patterns are fused with story elements in this game, setting it apart from the rest of the genre. The narrative gives personality and charm to the foes you encounter, and will likely aid you in figuring out how to beat them.

The fierce bullet barrages will set your hair on end just at the sight of the chaos—and, combined with the music, your long forgotten primal instincts will kick in! Reflexes, patience and a cool head are the difference between victory and crushing defeat.

This is Team Shanghai Alice's first downloadable indie game.

The story of the games are stand-alone, so you can enjoy the game without having played any of the prequels.

The game is made to challenge players, but in the hope that they will achieve a sense of satisfaction as they improve their skills; this is why the difficulty level is so high.

Give it a shot while your reflexes can still handle it.

Team Shanghai AliceDeveloper's Voice

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  • Windows

    • Operating SystemWindows VISTA/7/8
    • ProcessorAn adequately fast CPU
    • GraphicsA Direct Graphic compatible video card with at least VRAM 256MB is recommended
    • Sound CardDirect Sound compatible sound card
    • DirectXPlease be sure to have a DirectX Runtime version released after June CPU: An adequately fast CPU
    • INPUT DEVICEA game controller, as well as experience with bullet hell shooters and some patience are recommended.



Team Shanghai Alice is the personal indies game group by ZUN. He does all the programming, graphic, scenario and sound production. His representative work "Touhou Project" started on 1995 and it's been 20 years. He said he wants to quit soon.