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Lead the hero Yukiji on a journey of vengeance, to the snowy mountain where Yukie resides.

This is a theatrical story game. Lead the hero Yukiji on a journey of vengeance, to the snowy mountain where Yukie resides. The story will proceed in a movie-like fashion.

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―――A story of revenge.

The demon Yukie has subjected the world to an Eternal Winter, feeding off the lives of humans for countless years.

The First Man was drawn from the world of story by Yukie.
They fell in love, but one day the man disappeared, and Yukie fell into madness, thriving in an eternal winter.

Yukie's children all have blue eyes, proof of their lineage.
It is a fragment of their mother's power of the snow.

Those men who possessed power unknown to mankind were burdened with the fate of killing Yukie.

...But every one of them fell defeated before her.

Our hero, Yukiji, is the youngest heir to that lineage. The final avenger of this world.

Ready your blade, and make your way to the mountain where Yukie resides.

  • Characters



The last descendant of the family that fell in love with Yukie, and the hero of our tale.



The beautiful snow maiden who thrives in an Eternal Winter.



The father who constantly ran from his destined fight.


Village Chief

The leader of a village cursed by the Eternal Winter.

  • System


◆ Piece together the story as you journey through each chapter.
 At the end of each chapter, an event will occur.


◆Shingan (standard attack)
 Listen out for the sound of your enemy and press confirm as soon as you hear them.
 *You should play in an environment where you can hear the game's sound.


◆Records:You can save while walking or at the map screen.


◆Voiceover:Voices can be toggled on/off upon starting a new game or from the map screen.

This is a theatrical story game.
Lead the hero Yukiji on a journey of vengeance, to the snowy mountain where Yukie resides.
The story will proceed in a movie-like fashion.
We are proud to say the game is fully voiced.

ImCyanDeveloper's Voice

Hi, I’m Hugo and I manage localization at Playism.
I fell in love with YUKIE on my first playthrough and am thrilled to say the game is finally available in English!

An Eternal Winter reigns over the land. Yukiji, a young warrior is determined to end this and avenge his forefathers by slaying the beautiful demon Yukie.
A traditional fairytale that seems like it could have just popped out of Japanese folklore.

But what makes YUKIE stand out to me among narrative-based games is how well the sum of its parts – such as the art, musical score and writing – fit together so well as a whole, to create the captivating atmosphere of Yukie’s cursed yet beautiful winterland.

Apart from the text playing a major role in any story game, it was important for us to preserve the poetic phrasing and classic writing style of the tale. For this we enlisted the help of Timothy Borreson who took great care to keep the essence of the original Japanese text.

On their path to revenge the player will encounter wolves, crows and legendary beasts that are hostile towards Yukiji and will have to fight their way out of these situations. To attack or defend, the key must be pressed the exact moment they hear the enemy approaching.
Yukiji will also gain new powers along his journey, to help him in and out of the field.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy playing! .

HugoPlayism Publishing

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  • Windows

    • Operational SystemWin XP / 7 32bit / 7 64bit / 10



An individual horror game developer.