• Cutscene screenshot: Eve
  • Gameplay: conversation with Eve
  • Cutscene screenshot: the body
  • Gameplay: conversation with Cherry
  • Gameplay: investigating an item
  • Gameplay: conversation with Eve

Key visual

EDEN.schemata(); is a sci-fi mystery adventure game produced by WSS playground.

You start the game in a locked laboratory, where an android named Eve talks to you and you both notice the headless corpse called the "Professor" at your feet.

You don't remember anything, and Eve is the prime suspect for the murder, but you'll have to work together to solve the case.

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About the Game

"Nice to meet you... again?"

An android named Eve speaks to you, in front of a headless corpse apparently known as "the Professor".

Completely devoid of any sort of memory, you and Eve—an android and the Professor’s apparent killer—must uncover the truth of what really happened here.

Use your powers of deduction to unravel the mystery of this locked laboratory, revealing one truth after another.

Enjoy this all-new type of mystery—the kind that’s only possible in a video game.

The beginning sounds like any orthodox adventure game, but the more you play, the more you'll learn about the truth, and the game's UI and game design changes as you progress, until you reach one of multiple endings.

A Game that Changes with Multiple Playthroughs

This game has a "skip" function, but not a "save" function. The story loops and branches off constantly with every playthrough, and there are multiple endings for you to uncover.

At first, it's a simple point-and-click adventure game where you use keywords to progress the story, but the UI and game design in general will actually change in accordance with your game progress.

The story and UI work together as the general game design gradually transforms, providing a brand new, almost magic trick-like game experience.

About the Team

EDEN.schemata(); is a sci-fi mystery adventure game produced by WSS playground, also known for games such as NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD.

The team behind this game consists of:

  • The developer EIKI` from illuCalab., known for many other games such as Gensou SkyDrift, Living in the Ending World, and Takkoman
  • The writer Van Madoy, known for the Revoir novel series and Murder at Kogetsukan (Fate/GrandOrder)
  • The character designer and animator Yutaro, known for creating hand-drawn Touhou Project fan animations for over a decade
  • The sound producer RD, known for Sacrament (Vatican Miracle Examiner ending theme) and Touhou Project arrangements

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