Fight Crab 2

Fight Crab 2 is a simple but deep fighting game, where you flip your opponent over to win. Train your crab and fit it out with weapons, spells, and skills to raise the strongest crustacean ever!

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Just like the first game, Fight Crab 2 is a simple competitive game where you flip your opponent over to win. The rules are very simple, but a wide suelection of weapons, spells, and skills to experiment with, as well as a lot of gameplay skills for players to master, create an in-depth battle experience.

This game adds the singleplayer Career Mode, where you can raise a single crab for 3 years through training and Crab League matches. Earn money and weapons, spells, and skills to create the strongest crab and climb to the top of the League!

Of course, the game also comes with a multiplayer mode that connects players and crabs from all over the world. Now, grab your chainsaws and holy swords and get on your bikes and magic clouds! It's time to flip those crabs with your giant drills and jet boosters, or maybe a simple laser beam from each of your crabby eyestalks!

Game Features

  • Wield weapons in both hands and ride mounts ranging from seals to the magic Nimbus. Crabs are very dexterous and can wield anything with ease.
  • Every hit you take adds to your Crab Gauge, which you can spend to unleash deadly lasers and other incredible spells to turn the tables in your favor.
  • With over 40 different skills to mix and match with, even new players can perform difficult crab manuveurs.
  • The human rider atop the crab's shell can dismount to do other things, such as carrying or throwing weapons on the ground, or even activating stage hazards. In tag-team matches, the humans can even swap crabs with their teammate!
  • The humans can be customized with cool colors and gnarly gear, but also by loading in VRM files or connecting to VRoid Hub. Your rider can be anyone. Anything.
  • Raise a crab however you want and grow alongside it as you fight to the top of the Crab League in the singleplayer Career Mode.
  • Fight with and against players from all around the world in ranked and casual matches alike, or create your own rooms that can hold up to 5 players. Of course, you can show off the crabs you've raised in Career Mode here!

Message from the Developer

It's been 3 years since Fight Crab, and neither physics-based combat nor playable crabs are all that surprising to see in video games nowadays.
So this time, other than just trying to create something entirely novel, I'm aiming for a game that can be enjoyed forever.
The core concept is to "flip the opponent upside down", so I've prepared as many weapons, spells, and skills I could think of to achieve that.
And then I created an infinitely replayable singleplayer mode where players could earn them. Now you can mess around with friends in room matches, or be super competetive in ranked matches, or treat it as a singleplayer game and aim for a new personal high score.
If you don't have any plans, you can queue for an online match while raising crabs in Career Mode at the same time. Then you could use your raised crabs to clear challenges. I believe that would make for a wonderful crab life.
And in order to make this game one that can be enjoyed forever, I would like to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions during Early Access, so please send us your feedback!

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