From Madness with Love

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  • Gameplay - Conversation with Mr. Arakawa and Saeki
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Welcome to "From Madness with Love", a dating sim with guys you will never be on the same page with! 

Spend a year of school life with four guys and make choices to build up your relationship with the guy you like! As you interact with them more and more, you will face challenges, and you'll uncover their secrets...! Will you be able to have a happy ending with the guy you love?

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About the Game

The dating sim with guys you will never be on the same page with.


From Madness with Love is a dating sim developed by jamsanpoid.

For some reason, you just can't communicate with the guy you like... This is an unusual yet extraordinary experience with a cute pixel art style, fully voiced in Japanese.

As the protagonist, you are a second-year high school student who just transferred to Kokain Private Academy, because your old school got blown up and the academy was close to where you live. Spend a new and exciting high school life at this new school, and try to get a love life as well with one of four lovely guys.

The four candidates are: Saeki Yuusuke, a bright, mischievous, good-looking, flirtatious blond guy in the same class as you; Arakawa Shuuji, the sexy school nurse who rarely opens his eyes fully; Tamura Marshmallow, a mysterious cute boy who looks younger than you; and Aorta, your senior and the student council president with pale skin.

Get to know them in all sorts of regular seasonal events such as club activities, the sports festival, the summer festival, the New Year, the eel-launching rally, and Valentine's Day. The story will change according to the choices you make, and each character will bring you down a different route with their own ending. But if you spread yourself too thin, you might risk not being all that special to anyone at all...!


Saeki Yuusuke

A bright, mischievous, good-looking, flirtatious blond guy in the same class as you. Used to attend the same school as you. Cheerful, friendly and frank with everyone. His hobbies are sports and video games. He speaks in incomprehensible gibberish.

Arakawa Shuuji

A quiet and gentle teacher who rarely opens his eyes fully. The sexy school nurse at Kokain Private Academy. Might secretly have a meaner, darker side...? His hobbies are music and muscle training. He always has a seahorse tangled up in his hair.

Tamura Marshmallow

The mysterious cute boy. His hobbies are eating and sleeping. He avoids talking to others as much as possible, and if you encounter him, he will fling insults at you and curse you out. He is well versed in the occult.


A senior student and the student council president of Kokain Private Academy. Cool and dignified. His trademarks are his pale skin and indecipherable foreign language. He has excellent grades and handles administrative tasks with ease, but also has a clumsy side. Currently studying Japanese culture, which he is very interested in.

Content Warning

This game contains strong language, sensitive topics, violence, horror, unreasonable scenarios, intelligible nonsense, and very loud noises. Please proceed with caution.

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