Journey Record

At a glance, this game looks like a retro 2D RPG game, but this is actually an action RPG, where you use the Magic Eye Camera and Crystals to swap between seeing the world in 2D or 3D and progress through puzzle-like stages as you fight your way across the land.

A young girl who has lost her vision is accompanied by her best friend, a cat with the Magic Eye Camera, and she sees the world through the lens of the Camera.
By using the power of Crystals, she can look at the world from a variety of perspectives, and eventually discover the truths of this world.

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Game Features

  • A brand new game experience where you use Crystals to change your perspective... literally
  • Puzzle-like stages where changing your perception of the world can reveal new paths and secrets
  • Challenging battles where you have to utilize perspective-switching to gain an upper hand
  • Charming HD 2.5D-esque pixel art graphics.

Digital Games

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