MaguSphere - Magical Cannon Girls

Take on the role of a cute girl armed with a stupidly powerful “Magical Cannon” and destroy your enemies and the city in this Musou-style TPS game. Total destruction (“Full Break”) of not only enemies but the surrounding city is key here. Get destroyin’ and bring peace (?!) back to the city!

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DEFINITELY Not Your Average "Magical Girls"!

Here comes an “anime-ified”, Musou-style, Full Break-y TPS combining the themes of “Magical Girls” + “Military” + “Destruction”!
“Magical Cannon Girls” are, well, girls with magical cannons, which are magically deformed versions of real-life weapons.
Take on the role of a Magical Cannon Girl who – despite her cute and cuddly appearance – is actually capable of utterly obliterating (or “Full-Breaking”, if you prefer) not only her enemies, but pretty much the entire city.
So get ready to transform and bask in the exhilaration of overwhelming destruction and clever strategy with high firepower, wide-scale civic destruction, and enemy-whooping.


In the near future, a huge ring suddenly appears on the moon. From this ring emerge mysterious beings known as “Gremlins”, who use copies of humankind’s most powerful weapons to begin their invasion of Earth.
“Hoka” – a girl bestowed with the power of the Magical Cannon – encounters the Gremlins, as well as a mysterious young girl who seems to control them. Just what is the Magical Cannon? And just what is up with these Gremlins and this mysterious young girl?
Will Hoka & co. be able to bring peace and happiness back to Earth? Or will they – and the world at large – end up completely destroyed...?!

Game Features

  • All enemies AND buildings can be destroyed with the “Full Break” system – which is actually a crucial strategic element!
  • Revel in the exhilaration of Magical Cannon Girls “transforming” and unleashing ridiculously overwhelming firepower!
  • Enjoy the classic “Magical Girl” anime style – but with full-on hardcore artillery!
  • “Just breaking stuff” is absolutely OK and fun as hell! Virtually everything is destroyable in this Japanese anime-style city!
  • A huge number of enemies made from and incorporating real-life weapons! The exhilaration of beating them down is unmatched!

Digital Games

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