Phantom Rose 2 Sapphire

Phantom Rose 2 Sapphire is a roguelike deckbuilding game created by indie developer and artist makaroll. Fight and collect powerful cards as Aria, trying to survive in her cherished school that’s being ravaged by evil creatures.

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About the Game

Brought to you by indie developer and artist makaroll, Phantom Rose 2 Sapphire is a deckbuilder with roguelike elements and a unique draw-less card mechanic.

In a world where evil creatures known as Phantoms are a constant threat, Aria wakes up one night in an abandoned classroom with no memory of herself. With only a student card in her uniform pocket that hints that she’s a student of the prestigious Marion Magic Academy, she tries to escape the school completely besieged by Phantoms while recollecting what has happened.

A Special Card Adventure

Craft your deck with cards obtained through defeating Phantoms on your adventure. Unlike most deckbuilding games, Phantom Rose 2 adopts a draw-less card mechanic, a unique feature retained from Phantom Rose. Instead of relying on the luck of the draw, you are required to carefully manage the cooldown of your cards to swiftly and efficiently defeat your foe.

Multiple Difficulties, Modes and Ways to Play

Play through the adventure in increasing levels of difficulty, each posing a greater challenge than the last, to experience the story and world of Phantom Rose 2. The Arcade mode lets you rush through bosses for attractive rewards and you can even create your own challenges in Custom mode.

New Class System for More Varied Gameplay

Unlike the previous game, Phantom Rose 2 comes with two playable classes, the Blade class and the Mage class. Each class has their own unique cards and mechanics, allowing you to experience the game in more ways than one.

Encounter Other Survivors and Events

With even more interesting characters to meet in the game, you are encouraged to explore and discover other survivors along your adventure. Take time to interact with them, learn their stories, and carefully decide on your actions in each event. Who knows, you may receive a helping hand when least expected.

Defeat and Collect

By defeating Phantoms and rescuing other students in distress, you can collect over 200+ cards to craft your ideal deck and a slew of powerful items to aid your journey.

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