Steel Sword Story S

The classic 2D side-scrolling action game has evovled! With twice the content, better controls, and higher accessibility, Steel Sword Story S is bigger and better than ever!

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Steel Sword Story has evolved into Steel Sword Story S

Steel Sword Story is a classic dark fantasy 2D side-scrolling action game, originally released for Steam in 2019. The game folder includes its own Pixel Game Maker MV project data, which can be enjoyed alongside the game itself as a piece of gamedev reference material.

And now, Steel Sword Story has evovled! With twice the content, better controls, and higher accessibility, Steel Sword Story S is bigger and better than ever!

S-Class Changes

  • New special moves such as Uppercut and Ground Slash!
  • The map is now twice as big, with brand new areas to explore!
  • New bosses, new mob enemies, and new items!
  • New story segments, mainly in the final stage, that reminisce events that happened in the past and reveal truths of the story untold in the original Steel Sword Story.
  • 60fps for a smoother gameplay experience! (depending on your PC specifications)
  • ※ Important ※
    The original Steel Sword Story will still be playable after the game is updated to Steel Sword Story S. You may select the version you want to play from the launcher.

    If you're interested, we suggest playing both to compare how much the S update changes the game!

    Steel Sword Story S - Improvements

    ■ Brand New Story Chapters
    The update adds new story segments that delve into secrets left untold in the original Steel Sword Story and add depth to the game's world.

    ■ New moves, new bosses, an expanded map, and more exclusive new content!
    The original was already a classic, deceptively small action game, but the game experience has been powered up significantly.

    The action gameplay has been renewed, with new moves to learn like the new super moves Uppercut and Ground Slash. Zip around the map while dodging in midair and slicing through foes feels more satisfying than ever.

    ■ Pixel Game Maker MV
    This classic Pixel Game Maker MV title has become easier to pick up and play, and the original project data is also included in the game folder. If you're a Pixel Game Maker MV user, this means you get to poke around to learn exactly how the game was made.

    Now we also have a bundle option that include the PGMMV engine itself, as well as another bundle that includes a bunch of PGMMV must-play titles at a lower price!

    ■ Differences from the Switch Version
    New Story Mode difficulty for players who might not be good at action games, but still want to enjoy the story until the end.
    Balance adjustments for more satisfying gameplay.
    Steam trading cards and badges to collect!

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