The Good Life

Enjoy everyday life while solving a murder mystery in Rainy Woods - known as the "happiest town in the world" - in this all-new "Debt Repayment RPG"!

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V1.5 Patch Release Notes

Hi all,
Thank you very much for your continued support for The Good Life!
Please find the various fixes and improvements featured in Patch V1.5 listed below.

Game difficulty adjustments:
-Route A: Adjusted stage display during the third trial of the “A Knight’s Trials” main quest.
-Adjusted difficulty level of the drinking battles.
-Adjusted the number of Emokes received for certain photographs and photographs that feature Hotwords.
-Adjusted rewards for side quests and shrine missions.

Bug Fixes (Quests)
-Fixed locator when looking for “Small Animal Hide” during the “Running, Leaping, Hopping Shoes” quest in Prologue 2.
-Fixed issue where the “Running, Leaping, Hopping Shoes” quest fails to progress if the player has already purchased the “Special Running Shoes (Size S)” before starting the quest.
-Made adjustments to Emma’s side quest so that the photo spot locator stays displayed until the players passes the photo to Emma.

Bug Fixes (Other)
-Fixed issue where the camera rotation settings are not reflected during first person mode.
-Fixed issue where the scent of Martha and Elizabeth from the main quest remains after the quest is finished.
-Fixed issue where the photography tag for the “Naomi Doll” (side quest reward) was not set up properly.
-Fixed issue where the game freezes when trying to exchange items with NPC traders.

Bug Fixes (Steam Ver. Only)
*Please note that the following fixes are only applied to the Steam version in this patch, they will be applied to the console versions in the future.
-Fixed issue that prevents objects placed in player’s garden from being stored in storage after upgrading garden.
-Reduced the increased of storage space after unlocking the outdoor campground from 50 to 14.
-Fixed issue where some items on the traders’ shop pages show an excessively large inventory number.
-Fixed issue where message allowing players choose fails to be displayed after picking up item when inventory is full (all 100 slots filled) and the item picked up is automatically lost.
-Fixed issue where opening the storage menu when the storage capacity exceeds 150 causes the game to freeze.
-Fixed issue where the player, in cat form, jumps through buildings and walls when exiting cardboard box.

V1.5 Patch Release Notes


Journalist Naomi Hayward is drowning in debt and is at the end of her rope. Having accepted a request from The Morning Bell newspaper to “uncover the mystery of a small English town”, Naomi finds herself far from her home in New York, in Rainy Woods. Upon beginning her investigation, Naomi – camera in hand – soon discovers an inexplicable phenomenon in which the townspeople transform into cats and dogs as night falls... Then, as just she’s looking into that particular mystery, a murder occurs... Join her as she attempts to reveal the truth about Rainy Woods.


As a journalist, Naomi is able to earn money by taking photos of Rainy Woods at the request of The Morning Bell and the town’s residents. Also, if she can manage to snap photos of whatever happens to be trending on social media site “Flamingo” and increase her number of followers, she just might be able to earn enough money to make life in this small town that much easier.


Naomi herself eventually becomes able to transform into a cat or dog. Turn into a cat, and gain the ability to jump and climb all over town to explore; or transform into a dog, and use your acute sense of smell to track the town’s residents. Use your respective abilities as a human, cat, and dog wisely to more easily solve the various mysteries and incidents you’ll face.


In Rainy Woods, as long as you’ve got the money, a free and easy life is yours to be enjoyed. Growing vegetables in your garden, brushing up on your culinary skills, exploring the plains, sharing a drink with your fellow townspeople at the local pub... Stay fed, get lots of sleep, keep yourself looking nice and clean, and enjoy daily life in Rainy Woods.


Rainy Woods is full of various spots, as well as an array of events just waiting to happen. Explore the areas around the town to unlock shrines and camping grounds, expand your field of mobility, and enjoy the comfortably open world. Hopping onto a sheep and riding around the hills is just so much fun!

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