Timothy and the Tower of Mu

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is the second episode from the "Timothy" series by Kibou Entertainment. Mixing elements from old-school games and new ideas, the game is going to challenge even the most proficient platform-lover with puzzles, action, a curious lore and RPG elements.

The Tower of Mu is waiting for you: prepare yourself.

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Timothy's grandfather is dead.
But legends tell of a tower so high that disappears above the clouds, built by a god.
If someone manages to climb it to the top, a wish is granted.
Timothy, armed with hope and courage, decides to face this deadly test and bring back to life his grandfather.
The Tower of Mu is waiting for the next victim: are you enough nimble, strong and smart to overcome this challenge?


  • Classic action/platformer mechanics with a sprinkle of RPG
  • Inspired from classics like Faxanadu, Kid Icarus, Demon's Crest and Shadow of the Colossus
  • Around 8 hours of gameplay
  • Hardcore platform action: die a lot, learn from your death, overcome your limits!
  • "Pimped NES" graphics: a mix of old school pixel art and "bouncy" animations!

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