Umurangi Generation VR

Umurangi Generation VR is the VR version of the critically-acclaimed post-apocalyptic photography simulator Umurangi Generation.

Umurangi Generation is a creative sandbox photography simulator set in Tauranga Aotearoa, where you are an avid photographer working as a courier for the Tauranga Express.

Document the world, its bleak state, and its residents through the lenses of your camera.

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Experience the World of Umurangi Generation in VR

Observe the impending doom right in front of your eyes, move around and interact with objects in a much more natural way. Your presence in the game world will in no doubt leave you with a feeling of immersion greater than ever before.

A Unique and Expressive Grading System

Each level sets you a list of objectives called “Photo Bounties”. Snap away to complete all Photo Bounties and utilize the extensive range of tools to edit and develop your photos.

While each photograph is graded based on content, color, and composition, the game puts a strong emphasis on the freedom of creativity. There are no set rules on what makes a photograph good or bad. Instead, players are encouraged to explore their creative sides and express themselves freely through their photos.

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