Kero Blaster On Steam!

The wait is over! It's time for Zangyou on Steam!

Kero Blaster - $9.99
We've always been rather proud that Kero Blaster has sat upon the Playism shelves all this time. It's a fantastic game, has a ton of replay value, and genuinely endearing characters and baddies. We've all collectively sunk over two hundred hours playing Kero Blaster and its sister demos (Pink Hour and Pink Heaven). But we get it. Not everyone has access to Playism, and we wanted to make sure that Pixel Studios' amazing tale could be shared with everyone. So the countdown is on: in less than one day's time, Kero Blaster launches on Steam!
If you know anything of Studio Pixel, they're not one to simply port a game and call it a day. Kero Blaster is hitting Steam HARD with all the new bells and whistles intact! Zangyou Mode (or "Overtime Mode") is baked in, ready for the intrepid adventurer who finds the base game a little too tame for their taste. I love Zangyou mode, as it's not simply a hard setting, but a whole new story for the team at Cat and Frog Inc. Learn more about the president's past!
Additionally, Kero Blaster's Steam release comes with all the amazing goodies you could hope for. Achievements, trading cards, emoticons and wallpapers await. Whatever could they be? A frog head? A grimy little enemy? The Pink Secretary!!?! I genuinely don't know (it's a secret!) and I'm super excited to find out! The awesome soundtrack, fondly called "Kero Rhythm," is also available, letting you buff up your Steam Soundtrack Library with thirty amazing tracks!
If you've been a long time Playism customer and bought Kero Blaster previously, then your Steam keys will be waiting in your library. If not, it's not too late! Grab the game from us now, enjoy your DRM-free build and then be ready to launch onto Steam and impress your friends with your speed Blasting skills!
Kero Blaster can be enjoyed with either a keyboard or a controller, but, as always, I recommend a good controller for a platformer like this. You'll get the full experience and find a slightly stronger reaction to all the crazy jumping and shooting you'll be doing.
The countdown is on and I can't wait!
Kero Blaster - $9.99


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