Kero Blaster is hitting PS4 next week!

Time has finally come, Kero Blaster is coming to PS4 next week.
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Kero Blaster features a bipedal frog, who is just your average salary worker. However, this action packed game leads you to strange business trips to get rid of bugs in the company’s teleporters. Battle unique monsters, acquire a variety of weapons and get a bunch of helpful items to help with the unknown terrain of these business trips.

Kero Blaster stands at an 82 Metacritic on PC, and is bound to be more amazing on PS4.
The PlayStation 4 release will include the “Zangyou Mode” which was added upon the Steam release, but PlayStation 4 will also be getting a boss rush mode, allowing you to take on all the bosses one after another.

Give working at the Cat & Frog Company a spin next week as Kero Blaster hits PS4 on April 11th!


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