Upcoming Limited Run Games feat. Playism Games!

Limited Run Games has released their upcoming titles trailer, and Playism has 3 titles listed!


Croixleur Sigma (PS4/PSVita)

There are various battle styles and you can mix and match 4 weapons to form your own playing style. Story mode centers on the charming friendship of the girls, fully voiced in Japanese. You can also play your heart out in Score Attack, Challenge mode, weapon switching Dungeon mode and many more!


Kero Blaster (PS4)

Starring a salaryman (bipedal frog) who collects a variety of weapons, fights outlandish monsters and visits strange lands on his business trips. Beating normal mode unlocks the challenging ZANGYOU (Overtime) mode, newly added as of October 2015.


Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (PS4)

You may find yourself captivated by the beautiful pixel art and cute characters of this world. But don't lose your focus, for this is the unforgiving action game Momodora.
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a 2D action adventure game, with particular focus on the "Action" in this fourth installment of the series. Perform combos, evasive rolls and make use of various items and spells as you combat evil.


Expect more news as we get closer to their release dates.


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