Kero Blaster FanArt Contest - Winners

Recently, we held a Kero Blaster FanArt contest to celebrate the release of Kero Blaster on the Nintendo Switch. We have already announced all the winners via Switch News, but we thought it would be nice to share all the amazing artworks here too.

Number 10: oya (@ot_72)


Number 9: Onule (@Onulle)


Number 8: Sweet Salt ㄷㅅㄱ (@dansogeum)


Number 7: AE (@ae_ebys)


Number 6: TheRoboticCheese


Number 5: マジギレパスタ (@wasavinegar)


Number 4: 14 (@bus0147)


Number 3: ラリアット (@rariatoo)


Number 2: mogy (@mogy64)


Number 1: ǝuo-n˙ɐouɐ (@bossboss13)


Once again, thank you all for your submissions.

We hope you all continue to enjoy and support Kero Blaster, and we are extremely grateful to all the players out there who sent in submissions that will hopefully help turn new players onto the game as well.
Thanks again, and please continue to show your love for Kero Blaster!

Check out Kero Blaster now on:
Nintendo eShop NA / Nintendo eShop EU
Playism / Steam / PS4 / Humble Store


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