A vampire king solves murder mysteries Sherlock Holmes-style! This long-awaited full-on mystery-adventure game is finally being released worldwide! The Case Book of Arne is now available on Steam!

PLAYISM and Vaka are proud to announce the release of the popular Game Magazine/Harumurasaki title The Case Book of Arne (Case 1) on Steam on October 29th, 2020 from 16:00 (JST).

The Case Book of Arne: Case 1 - The Reinweiß Murder (Teil.1~Teil.3), featured in Game Magazine, featured in Game Magazine – known for titles such as Angels of Death and Noel the Mortal Fate – was made available on Steam as of October 29th. The game is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

We hope you enjoy this true mystery-adventure game, in which unlikely partners of Arne, a vampire king with Sherlock Holmes-like powers of deduction, and Lynn, a young girl from a noble family, pair up to use supernatural powers and sheer logical prowess to solve mysterious murders.

Featuring vampires, zombies, werewolves, and mermen!
The worlds of fantasy and reality collide in this game of logical deduction!

Vampire king Arne originally had nine hearts, but due to certain circumstances he has been left with just one. While attempting to recover his lost hearts, he becomes involved in a variety of strange incidents. He meets a young girl, vampire otaku Lynn Reinweiß, and they join forces to solve a slew of mysteries together. The game depicts Lynn as she grows and thrives while struggling to overcome terrible hardships, such as the deaths of both of her parents.

The game also features eclectic and supernatural characters such as zombies, werewolves, mermen, and more, and combines the worlds of fantasy and reality as you use supernatural powers and logical prowess to do battle and investigate mysteries. This title is sure to be enjoyed by fans of not only mysteries but the fantasy genre as well.

About The Case Book of Arne

This is a full-on detective game that has been serialized by Harumurasaki since 2017 in Vaka-operated Game Magazine. The first part, Case 1, garnered much attention through livestreams and attracted over 1300 participants in a large-scale “perpetrator guessing project”. A comic version has been published by KADOKAWA, and distribution via Steam for the worldwide version of the game began in the fall of 2020.


Lynn is a young girl from a noble family who lost her mother two years ago. One night, worrying about her father’s suspicious behavior, she follows him – eventually finding herself at the scene of a murder. Lynn is discovered and subsequently chased by supernatural beings, and ends up wandering into a strange world known as Rügenberg, where she meets Arne – a vampire working as a detective, and Zisye – mysterious being inside a mirror. Lynn hires Arne to investigate her father. After bringing Arne back with her to the Reinweiß family manor, yet another strange incident occurs inside the mansion...

About the Creator

Harumurasaki. The creative team behind the game consists of Harutaro – the illustrator, and Murasaki – in charge of scenarios and the game system. Their free game Little Red Hood, released in October 2014, was turned into a novel in January 2016 with a story written by Murasaki and illustrations by Harutaro, and from July 2016 through May 2017 they also worked on the free game Magic Attack Children. The Case Book of Arne has been running since November 2017.


Developer: Game Magazine/Harumurasaki
Publisher: Game Magazine/PLAYISM
Languages: Japanese/English/Chinese (Simplified)
Platform: Steam
Price: $9.99/37 won

Rights Info: © HARUMURASAKI/Vaka Game Magazine. Licensed to and published by Vaka, Inc./Active Gaming Media, Inc


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