All-New Playable Character for TOKOYO ~The Tower of Perpetuity~

Created by developer Saebashi’s own “//commentout” indie game circle, TOKOYO ~The Tower of Perpetuity~ is currently in development and is available via Steam Early Access. On top of the introduction of “Imibi” – a 1000-year-old fox spirit and all-new playable character – this latest update also includes a slew of newly added features. In commemoration of this update, we are also launching a special sale. Between February 16th and February 22nd, this title will be available at a 20% discount. The full version is still in development, and we are looking forward to all of your invaluable feedback.

Ver.0.3: 2nd Large-scale Update Details

The Ver.0.3 update introduces the fifth playable character, “Imibi”. Imibi – a fox spirit over 1000 years old – has the unique ability to automatically attack any enemies within range, making for an all-new way to enjoy the game.

Additionally, not only does this update include new artifacts and map generation patterns – it also features a new item that allows you to negate damage once, as well as a range of newly added features such as the oft-requested key config settings and more.


[Ver.0.3 Update]

    • New character “Imibi” added. Enjoy all-new skills, illustrations, and storyline.
    • New artifact “Magical Cane” added. Possessing it increases skill attack power.
    • New items “Antimatter Fragment”, “Barrier Crystal”, and “Amulet Card” added.
      Gain bonuses such as health restoration and one-time-only damage negation, etc.
    • Approximately 20 new map generation patterns added.
    • Includes general balance adjustments and bug fixes.
    • Key config added.

Game Details

TOKOYO ~The Tower of Perpetuity~
Steam Store Page
Early Access Trailer
■Developer: //commentout
■Genre: Social Rogue-like 2D Action
■Platform: Steam
■Early Access Release: November 7th, 2020 (Sat.)
■MSRP: 9.99 USD (incl. tax) *20% off during Steam Sale
■Languages: English/Japanese/Chinese (Simp.)
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