Decipher investigation reports in social mystery-adventure game Legal Dungeon, now on the Nintendo Switch!

Legal Dungeon, by indie developer Somi, was released to the Nintendo Switch on February 25th, 2021. Also, in commemoration of the release, it will be available at a 10% discount until March 3rd.

Legal Dungeon Overview

Parse through investigation records, use evidence and the law to battle the accused, and submit your recommended verdict.

This title is the second installment in South Korean indie game developer Somi’s ”Guilt Trilogy” (the first being Replica; and the third The Wake). While it is set against a “police” backdrop, it is extremely unique in that you progress through the game by “creating and organizing verdict documents for submission to the prosecution”.

Legal Dungeon Main Character Introduction

Jane Blue  Lieutenant, Central Police Station Criminal Division

A lieutenant, and the main character of the story.A career-oriented woman, she was recently assigned the position of Team Leader. Her conversations are not displayed in the game.

AI: Mini Jane

 The AI assistant of the “CIS program” document creation system who helps Jane to process and create her documents.

George Vetta Sergeant, Central Police Station Criminal Division Age: 55

An older coworker of Jane’s, close to retirement age, who often pokes his nose around in Jane’s affairs.

His son also became a cop this year. Played baseball in high school.

Frank Rivers  Officer, Central Police Station Criminal Division Age: 29

Unsatisfied with the police force’s “Performance System”, this officer cares passionately about “justice” and “upholding general sentiments and morals”.

Considered a bit of a problem child on account of his tendency to ignore orders and act on his own.

Patrick Moon Corporal, Central Police Station Criminal Division Age: 41

The longest-serving member on the force. His performance speaks for itself.
Has a wife and child, and seeks promotion next year.

Captain Goldstein Captain, Central Police Station Criminal Division

Close to retirement, he has given up on being promoted to Chief Superintendent, but places the utmost importance on improving performance results and helping his subordinates to rise up through the ranks.

Chairman Jack Bright

Founder of Mandy Hope Hospital, and known as the “Lord” of the Central Police Station area. Has been serving as Police Support Committee Head of the Central Police Station for the past two years.

His son is suspected of aiding and abetting a suicide.

Game System

Peruse statements and precedents, and create your documents in the dungeon

Taking on the role of rookie female lieutenant Jane Blue, the player must read through the text of statements and legal precedents. Then, using keywords selected from the text, head into battle with the accused in the “dungeon”, and complete “verdict documents” for submission to the prosecutor. Whenever you get overwhelmed or confused with the heavy load of legal/courtroom text, your AI assistant – “Mini Jane” – will be there to help guide you along. Additionally, Jane Blue has a set amount of “HP”, and once that HP hits zero during battle in the dungeon, or if time runs out for a timed battle, the game will end.

To prosecute, or not to prosecute? It’s up to you!

Jane will handle all sorts of crimes – from contempt of court, to robbery and even murder. It’s up to the player to decide whether to recommend that the accused be prosecuted or let go. Also, these decisions will not only affect the lives of the accused, but Jane’s as well, leading into varying story branches.

Your decisions directly affect your “evaluation”

The more perpetrators prosecuted, the higher your “Performance Level” will rise, earning you respect from the police. Also, depending on the laws applicable to each respective case, your will receive a score, which will affect the police department to which you belong as well as Jane’s evaluation.

However, the decision whether or not to prosecute will be made by the prosecutor, based on the documents you submit. Even when the prosecutor decides to indict, there are times when the court will reach a verdict of not guilty. When these decisions fail to match up, causing your “Precise Legal Execution Level” (i.e.: how you are viewed by the court/prosecutor) to drop.

When your respective reputations among both the police and the courts fall too low, the game will end. Will you fight for truth and justice, or will you attempt to make a name for yourself? You’ll find yourself plagued by various forms of guilt as you advance through each investigation, pressured to make a decision.

A “social mystery” game that forces players to come face to face with actual issues

The most amazing part of the game is the way the story unfolds among the unique and intricately interwoven systems described above. Once all the mysteries of the game have been solved, the story’s various plotlines perfectly converge into one, bringing with it an unexpected twist. It’s also composed in a way that will definitely strike a chord with hardcore fans of social mystery and suspense. What is the “dungeon”? What exactly is a “true criminal” in the context of Legal Dungeon? When it’s all over, you too will feel what developer Somi felt – be it “prayer” or “pain”.

Key art illustrated by Petit Depotto, who also assisted with localization

For the Japanese localization of Legal Dungeon, we received invaluable assistance from Gnosia and Unholy Heights developers Petit Depotto, and team member “Kotori” provided illustrations for the key visuals for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Comment from Petit Depotto:

Legal Dungeon is a game in which you create and organize documents. The main character is the leader of a police investigation team, and must read through investigators’ reports, statements, etc., and put together “verdicts” providing your opinion on whether or not the accused should be prosecuted.

“Documents are free of ‘personality’ and ‘emotions’.”

However, these documents will have a profound effect on the accused and those around them, as well as on the fate of the main character. Developer Somi actually works in a law enforcement-related field, and the “power” given to the portrayals of the various cases and people in the game by real-life experience can really be felt when playing.

On top of that “power”, this game has also been instilled with a “prayer” from Somi. Having touched on this “prayer” ourselves, we decided to offer our assistance with the localization in hopes that we could help to ensure that this wonderful story is expressed as faithfully as possible. It’s not that anyone had asked us for help; we simply felt that it’s what we needed to do. Our time localizing Legal Dungeon was an extremely fruitful and fulfilling one.

(By the way, this was just before the release of our own game Gnosia, so we sort of worked on it without letting our leader know.)

Legal Dungeon Product Info

■Title:      Legal Dungeon
■Nintendo eShop:
■Developer:   Somi
■Publisher:    PLAYISM
■Genre:         Mystery novel adventure game
■Platform:       Nintendo Switch
■Release date: February 25th, 2021 (Thu.)
■MSRP:    USD 9,99 (incl. tax) 10% off until March 3rd
■Rating:     IARC 12⁺,ESRB Teen, PEGI 12
■Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese
■Copyright:  ©2016, 2020 SOMI Inc., Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media, Inc

Legal Dungeon Nintendo Switch Release Commemorative “Somi Sale”!

To commemorate the release of Legal Dungeon on the Nintendo Switch, we will be holding a sale until March 3rd, during which you can purchase the game at a 10% discount.

Additionally, the Nintendo switch version of the first installment in Somi’s “Guilt Trilogy” – REPLICA –is also on sale at a 30% discount. Don’t miss this chance to lose yourself in the world of the works of Somi!

REPLICA Overview

You have been trapped in an unfamiliar location, and you find yourself in possession of a mobile phone, the owner of which is unknown. Under coercion by the regime controlling the government, you must search through the contents of this mobile phone to find and report evidence supporting the accusations of terrorism that have been placed upon the phone’s owner. Of course, you don’t even know the password to unlock the phone at first. Check out the various clues and hints present in the phone, such as SMS messages, phone records, etc., and use them to deduct the owner’s social media account names and passwords, and push your way through the investigation into the accusations of terrorism.

“The insane experience of peeping into someone’s private life through a cellphone will transform you into the state’s greatest patriot.”

In accordance with Somi’s words above, with its cynical worldview of a controlling regime, suspense, thrills, and a sense of doing something you know you shouldn’t, REPLICA is an extremely unique and rare title that provides a compact yet rich experience will let you taste true “Guilt”.

REPLICA Product Info

■Nintendo eShop:
■Developer: Somi
■Publisher: PLAYISM
■Genre: Interactive novel adventure game
■Platform: Nintendo Switch
■Release date:    November 7th, 2020 (Sat.)
■MSRP: 4.99 USD/ 4.99 EUR (incl. tax) *30% off until March 3rd
■ESRB: Teen (Language, Mild Violence)
■PEGI: 12
■Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simp.), Korean, Italian, Spanish, Turkish,Polish,German, Russian, French, Portuguese (Br.)
■Copyright: ©2016,2020 SOMI Inc., Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media, Inc.


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