Dungeon Agriculturalization Rogue-like, The Sealed Ampoule has been released! Sealed Ampoule has finally been released!
It is currently available at 10% off on release sale.

"The Sealed Ampoule is a ""Dungeon agriculturalization Rogue-like"" game. As described in the genre name itself, the title features both Rogue-like and farming elements.
Leveling up your dungeon will enable it to produce useful items more efficiently.
Items will help to strengthen your character, thus allowing for exploration and agriculturalization deeper down in the dungeon.

Your main goal is simple: to master dungeon agricultuarization."

The title has trading card support, so make sure you collect them all!

The OST has also been released!

Grab the game and OST in a bundle for more savings!
We hope you enjoy this fresh new title!


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