Streaming Guidelines for PLAYISM Titles

Streaming Guidelines for PLAYISM Titles

Streaming Guidelines

Provided that the following rules are fully observed, the streaming/broadcasting of games published by PLAYISM, the publishing brand operated by Active Gaming Media Inc., shall be allowed.
For any questions and/or discussions about PLAYISM's streaming guidelines (including usage not specified in the guidelines), please contact us via the contact page.

  • When conducting livestreams/broadcasts or uploading videos, please make sure to include the following information (or links to the following information)
    • Product copyright notice
    • Official Developer Website
    • Official PLAYISM Website or game store link
  • We allow any individual or corporation to stream our games on any video/broadcasting platform.
  • We also allow video broadcasts to be monetized.
  • Please refrain from showing spoilers such as core story elements and endgame footage for newly released games, especially for games released less than one month ago.
  • Please refrain from posting videos containing only cutscenes from the game.
  • If the developer does not allow his/her game to be streamed or broadcasted, we will make an announcement to notify the public. Please refrain from streaming or broadcasting such games.
  • Please refrain from any actions that would considerably harm the game’s image, display blatant sexuality or violate public order.
  • Actions that can be interpreted as slander/abuse, or be considered an annoyance towards other players are strictly prohibited.
  • The use of any materials that infringe, or has the risk of infringing third party rights (intellectual property, reputation, trust, image, privacy etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  • At the request of PLAYISM, the video(s) in question must be taken down immediately regardless of reason.
  • PLAYISM does not make any guarantees regarding the broadcasting and/or publishing of videos, including any promises that there will be no infringement on third party rights. Furthermore, PLAYISM shall not be responsible for any damages and/or third party disputes resulting from the video.
  • PLAYISM reserves the right to make amendments to the guidelines at any time.

*Please note that:

  • DEEEER Simulator does not require any notation of the rights holder or a link to the official website.
  • Please refer to and prioritize the developers' guidelines for the following titles:
    • Vertical Strike Endless Challenge
    • Strange Telephone
    • TorqueL


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