“Magical Girls” meets “Military” meets “Destruction”! Magusphere- Magical Cannon Girls Coming to PC and Console in 2022!

“Magical Girls” meets “Military” meets “Destruction”! Magusphere- Magical Cannon Girls Coming to PC and Console in 2022!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that it will become the official publisher for Magusphere- Magical Cannon Girls brought to you by Indie game developer OHBADO. Coming to PC and Console in 2022!

Here comes an “anime-fied”, Musou-style, Full Break TPS combining the themes of “Magical Girls” + “Military” + “Destruction”!

Blast into the fight as a Magical Cannon Girl!

“Magical Cannon Girls” are, well, girls with magical cannons, which are magically deformed versions of real-life weapons.

Enemies? Buildings? Strategize and destroy them all with the Full Break System!

Take on the role of a Magical Cannon Girl who - despite her cute and cuddly appearance - is actually capable of utterly obliterating (or “Full-Breaking”, if you will) not only her enemies, but pretty much the entire city. So get ready to transform and bask in the exhilaration of overwhelming destruction and clever strategy with high firepower, wide-scale civic destruction, and enemy-whooping.


In the near future, a huge ring suddenly appears on the moon. From this ring emerge mysterious beings known as “Gremlins”, who use copies of humankind’s most powerful weapons to begin their invasion of Earth. 

Meet Hoka, a girl bestowed with the power of the Magical Cannon, as she encounters the Gremlins, as well as a mysterious young girl who seems to control them. Just what is the Magical Cannon? And just what is up with these Gremlins and this mysterious young girl?

Will Hoka & co. be able to bring peace and happiness back to Earth? Or will they - and the whole world- end up completely destroyed..?!

Comments from OHBADO, developers of Magusphere- Magical Cannon Girls

Magusphere - Magical Cannon Girls is a third-person shooter game in which a “Magical Girl” armed with a cannon destroys not only her enemies but the towns as well. In addition to games, I am also a big fan of anime, and since I was a kid, I was captivated by the idea of cute girls fighting in a cool and action-packed way. On top of that, about ten years ago, I became interested in military affairs and began visiting Self-Defense Force exercises. That’s when I got the idea to combine the two passions together, cute anime girls and the military and began working on this game. Over the years, I have developed several “doujin” games, but I think this may be the last time that I will make a game of this scale. I have been developing this game for seven years now, and I’m determined to release it to the world, no matter how many years it takes. It’s become almost an obsession at this point. 

We are still working hard to iron out the kinks and up the ante so please bear with us and stay tuned for future updates. Look out for Magusphere - Magical Cannon Girls as it is scheduled for release in 2022!

Product Information

Magusphere- Magical Cannon Girls
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■ Developer: OHBADO

■ Distributor: PLAYISM

■ Genre: Third Person Shooting

■ Supported Platforms: PC, Consoles

■ Release Date: 2022


■ Rating: Pending

■ No. of Player(s): 1


©2022 OHBADO Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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