Choose Your Own Adventure in RPG The Use of Life - Early Access Release in Spring 2022

Choose Your Own Adventure in RPG The Use of Life - Early Access Release in Spring 2022

PLAYISM is proud to announce The Use of Life, by Japanese indie solo developer Daraneko Games, for Steam Early Access in spring 2022. This title will be released in both English and Japanese.

The Use of Life

The Use of Life is a solo-developed indie game created in the image of a “choose your own adventure book” with multi-ending capabilities. PLAYISM will be releasing this title with full English and Japanese support. Today, the Demo version will be released in English. Early Access for this game will be released in Spring 2022.

The Use of Life ending depends on your decisions

In this game, the decisions you make heavily affect your character’s stats as well as his way of thinking. The ending you get depends on your way of traversing your adventure, or your “Usage of Life”. The way the protagonist uses their “Life” for their own gain or for others is fully within the control of the player. Since the ending results from the player’s decisions, there is no strictly “good” or “bad” ending.

Choose your own adventure - style events

The narration and flow of this game takes place much like that of a “choose your own adventure book”, with TRPG-style dice rolling elements for events. Even the results of instances of events can be changed based on the decisions made. Whether you throw yourself into battles or play it safe depends solely on the player. These decisions made will change the way the protagonist thinks and sees the world around.

“Plan and Strike” Combat Structure

The Use of Life uses a combination of “QTE Action Segments” and “Battle Command Strategy” to create its own unique flow of battle.

With three actions each turn, players must consider factors such as “how well can I handle the enemy attacks?” and “what powers/techniques should I use?” to control the flow and outcome of the battle. 

Even when facing defeat, learning to fight that enemy over time to gain the ability to defeat them is a central aspect of this game's combat. Especially with boss fights, this title aims for a life or death tension that adds to the satisfaction of victory and progression.

Character customization

Having touched death before, the protagonist has the ability to customize his own powers to his liking via Curse EXP. This power does not only affect stats in combat, but also the likelihood of success in game events. The skill level-up is full of different powers and skills to be unlocked, making your character stronger and more customized to your liking.

Product Information

The Use of Life

■ Developer: Daraneko Games

■ Publisher: PLAYISM 

■ Genre: Choose Your Own Adventure - Style RPG

■ Platform: Steam

■ Release Date: Early Access in spring 2022


■ No. of Players: 1

© Daraneko Games All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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