The Strongest Demon Killer vs. Five Powerful Demon Girls! 3D Action Game Homura Hime Coming to Steam in 2023!

The Strongest Demon Killer vs. Five Powerful Demon Girls! 3D Action Game Homura Hime Coming to Steam in 2023!

PLAYISM is proud to announce the upcoming release of the 3D action game, Homura Hime to Steam in 2023. This game is brought to you by Crimson Dusk, an Indie game developer located in Taiwan. The Steam Store Page for Homura Hime is now live, so head over and don’t forget to add the game to your wishlists!

Homura Hime

Influenced by Japanese anime, Homura Hime is a 3D action game that combines exhilarating action with 3D bullets. Players will battle alongside Homura Hime to fight demon girls with various “emotions”. The story of Homura Hime and the demon girls will be revealed as players exorcise and vanquish.Crimson Dusk, a Taiwanese Indie game development team founded in May of 2020, is in charge of the development of Homura Hime. The team was formed after Sam, the team’s representative, presented a prototype of Homura Hime, which he developed by himself during his student years, at a contest in 2018. It was well received all around and thus began the start of Crimson Dusk and further development of Homura Hime.

Developer Comment from Sam (Crimson Dusk)

Homura Hime is an action game that combines exhilarating action sequences with gorgeous visuals. The team is currently hard at work to further develop and enhance the story and game world. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Please support us by adding the game to your wishlist on Steam!


Welcome to a world where humans and demons coexist. Souls harboring strong emotions and deep regrets at the time of their death are transformed into Archdemons. The Archdemons have the power to corrupt logic and reason in the world and contaminate the surrounding environment. Creatures tainted by this demonic power turn into lowly monsters which operate solely on raw instinct.

Faced with the threat to the world posed by five extremely powerful Demon Girls, the Oracle is forced to dispatch Homura Hime, the “Flame Princess” and ultimate demon killer, and Ann, a messenger who has been entrusted with the divine mission of “purifying the world and bringing an end to all evil.”

Game Features

・Breathtaking anime style world

・Experience challenging and beautiful 3D “bullet hell” attacks
・Enhance your weapons by defeating magical Demon Girls
・Take down the demons and discover the truth about this world

Product Information

Homura Hime

■ Developer: Crimson Dusk

■ Distributor: PLAYISM

■ Genre: 3D Action

■ Supported Platforms: Steam

■ Release Date: 2023


■ No. of Players: 1

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