Samurai Showdown for Samurai Bringer! PS Store sale live now!

Samurai Showdown for Samurai Bringer! PS Store sale live now!

PLAYISM along with Japanese Indie Developer Alphawing are proud to announce the Samurai Showdown, a competition dedicated to celebrating the historical Japanese Legends debuted in Samurai Bringer! Enter in your Samurai (Generals) that you would like to see promoted to a Brave General and Alphawing will select 10 Samurai to be promoted!

But wait, there's more! Five lucky winners will be selected at random (regardless whether they win or lose) and will receive a scroll-style wall tapestry featuring key art from Samurai Bringer. We are looking forward to seeing all of your submissions!

What is the Samurai Showdown?

Even though over 1,000 Japanese Legends (Samurai, Generals, Ninjas, etc) and only about 140 Brave Generals, we fear that some of your favorites have not been shown enough spotlight. If you had a specific Samurai in mind that you felt deserved more attention, we have exciting news for you!

We are holding a Samurai Showdown competition to scope out and see which venerable Legends deserve to be promoted!

With the help of Game Developer Alphawing, 10 selected Samurai (Generals) from the submissions will be promoted to Brave Generals!

Come and show off thy favorite Samurai (General)!

Don't forget!
Five lucky winners will be selected at random (regardless of whether they win or lose) and will receive a scroll-style wall tapestry featuring key art from Samurai Bringer.

How to Apply

On Twitter, tweet the name of the Samurai who you think deserves to be promoted along with the reason. Don't forget to add the hashtags, #SamuraiShowdown and #SamuraiBringer.

What you need to apply:
① Name of your favored Samurai
② Showcase something that represents why your Samurai deserves to climb the ranks to Brave General. (It can be one word or even sentences, illustrations, videos, etc. *Submissions must be original works.)

Please refrain from using the Brave Generals listed below.

List of prohibited Brave Generals

*Samurai (Generals) that show up in the game can be entered for a chance to be promoted!

If Twitter isn't enough and you would like to expand your showcase, please fill out this Google Form!

In the Google Form you can add:
● Dialogue phrases when your Samurai enters the field (2 lines of 25 characters max)
● Dialogue phrases when your Samurai retreats (2 lines of 25 characters max)
● Suggestions like 3D Models (including front or back designs), images of skills, actions, attributes, etc.
And more!

Fun Fact, 「武将」(read bushō) means General or Military Commander.
・They are high ranking elites who played an active role on the battlefield in Japanese history (most of them have existed some time in history). However, ficticious characters aside, some of them may not have even existed at all!

Behold! Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibō Benkei climb the ranks!

Prior to the campaign, many of you have requested for Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibō Benkei to be Brave Generals. We are happy to announce their promotion is in the works! The following are concept art for the characters. We would like to ask for all of your help for designing the appearance, techniques, skills, and dialogue!

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Musashibō Benkei

PS Store sale now live with Steam Summer Sale shortly following! Major Update in the works!

Samurai Bringer has been well received and we would like to thank all of you for supporting the game! We have heard your feedback and a major update will be implemented in response to them. We are planning to release the update in the summer and it will drastically change the way you play the game! Changes include but are not limited to, ability to return to base and change into a different Brave General without dying, simplifying customization saving settings, and fine-tuning actions skills!

For those who still don't have Samurai Bringer, grab your copy while they are discounted on the PS Store or during the Steam Summer Sale!

Slay the Eight-Headed Monster Dragon in Japanese Rogue-lite Samurai Bringer

Samurai Bringer is a rogue-lite action game with changing levels in every playthrough, where you cut down hordes of samurai and demons to collect combat techniques and polish your fighting style in order to defeat Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed monster dragon of Japanese mythology.

Regain your former deity powers to save Kushinada!

Deity Susano challenged the eight-headed monster dragon to save the sacrificed Kushinada but was defeated in battle and lost his powers. Amaterasu, Bringer of Samurai, intervened and saved Susano. He was then transported by her to conduct trials of strength, vanquishing hordes of Samurai and spirits brought forth from the gap in time and space created by Amaterasu to regain Susano's powers to former glory.

Mix and match combat techniques to create your own fighting style

Defeat the advancing enemies to obtain combat scrolls. Techniques such as slice, thrust, and jump can be equipped to change the way you attack.

Furthermore, you can create your own combat technique loadouts to create your very own combat style. From spinning slashes to fire attacks and even combos to chain your attacks together. Build up your own style for a combat experience unique to you!

Defeat over 100 legendary Japanese warriors!

Over 100 legendary warriors from Japanese legend and history including Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune, and Sanada Yukimura will be summoned to stand against you. Defeating them will reward you with their weapons and armor imbued with various status boosting effects. Donning this armor will not only give you an advantage in battle, but also add a little style to your loadout too.

Accumulate experience and strength through defeat in order to rise up and overcomet he mighty Yamata-no-Orochi.

Levels are procedurally generated, with enemy placements and type being different every time, which also means different combat scrolls for you to collect. Falling in battle does not mean you lose everything, so keep building up your loadout and fighting style until Susanoo regains his lost strength. Prepare yourself by creating a versatile loadout to deal with various combat situations and aim to bring down the mighty eight-headed dragon, Yamata-no-Orochi.

Product Information

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■ Developer: Alphawing
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: Japanese Rogue-lite Action
■ Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4
■Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
■ Release Date: April 21st, 2022
■ ESRB: Everyone 10+ - Fantasy Violence
■ MSRP: $9.99
■ No. of Players: 1

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